Arielle Concilio


Who Wins and Who Loses in Trump’s Iran Strategy?

October 18, 2017 | On Friday, October 13, Trump declared that he will not re-validate the nuclear deal with Iran; nor will he break with it entirely.

Arielle Concilio


Catalonia’s Fight for Self-Determination

October 09, 2017 | A new mass movement for Catalan self determination has emerged.

Arielle Concilio


Trump Administration Attacks LGBT Workers

October 05, 2017 | A lawyer for the Department of Justice argued that discrimination against LGBTQ employees should not be considered a violation of federal law.

Arielle Concilio


337 Reported Wounded by Police Violence on the Day of the Referendum in Catalonia

October 01, 2017 | Polls opened at 5AM on Sunday, October 1 in Spain for the referendum on the question of Catalonia’s independence.

Arielle Concilio


Repression in Catalonia Before the Referendum

September 25, 2017 | A wave of repression under orders of the Spanish government in Madrid attempted to halt the referendum on October 1.

Arielle Concilio


Hundreds of Thousands Join General Strike Against Macron’s Labor Reform

September 14, 2017 | The French working class organizes the first general strike against President Macron.

Arielle Concilio