The Trotskyists’ Struggle Against Nazism in World War II

May 08, 2017 | Today is the 72nd anniversary of V Day – the victory of the Allies in World War II.

Gabriela Liszt


Gramsci and Trotsky

May 26, 2016 | Scholars and activists have long debated the legacy of Italian revolutionary Antonio Gramsci and his theoretical convergences and disagreements with Bolshevik leader Leon (...)


Inheritance and Situation: Interview with New Generation of Revolutionary Marxists in China

April 06, 2016 | Left Voice spoke with Stone Song and Ji Hengge, Trotskyists in China who translated and published the first Chinese edition of The History of American Trotskyism by James P. (...)


Behind the Scenes of the Revolt

February 17, 2016 | In 1968 there was an upsurge in class struggle in many parts of the world – including in Germany. The Trotskyist movement in West Germany actively participated in the revolt, but did not benefit (...)

Wladek Flakin


Long on Rhetoric, Short on Detail: The Communist Party of Australia and the Hutchison Ports Dispute

February 16, 2016 | The dispute that began in August 2015 with the sacking of 97 dock workers has been resolved. After months of negotiations between Hutchison Ports Australia (HPA) and Maritime Union of Australia (...)

Sean Robertson