Marx is Back: Episode Zero

What would happen if Marx met Trotsky?

December 12, 2015

What would happen if Marx met Trotsky?

" L.T. - We forged an army of 5 million workers and peasants and together we defeated 14 imperialist armies. We gave land to the peasants! A deeply felt democratic demand that the workers took as their own. The economy and all factories were nationalized, which meant a basis for a development no one could think for any other backwards country in the world.

The revolution ended unemployment, and established 8-hour work days. Divorce was legalized, women’s suffrage was established.

K.M. - Yes, but the Russian Revolution marched in isolation from the rest of Europe.

L.T. - That was our biggest problem, Marx."

In this episode of the miniseries, "Marx is Back," a fictitious dialogue between Karl Marx and Leon Trotsky takes place.


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