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Saturday 16 February 2019
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Solidarity Actions for Oaxacan Teachers
Throughout the United States, dozens of actions took place in support of teachers in Oaxaca, Mexico.
Thousands Condemn Repression in Mexico
Thousands of scholars, Human Rights activists and organizations from Mexico and around the world have signed this statement in favor of the Teachers of Oaxaca.
Live Stream: Oaxaca
We are transmitting Radio Universidad of Oaxaca and live images through our sister organization La Izquierda Diario Mx.
Women Workers Picket Avon in Turkey
Discrimination towards women has always had a significant place in AKP's brand of political Islam, yet young female workers are coming to the forefront of class struggle – as is the case with the picket line outside the Avon warehouse in Gebze.
The Labor Movement in Post-Communist Countries
Philippe Alcoy
We interviewed Mihai Varga, a Romanian specialist on trade unionism in Eastern and Central Europe and author of "Worker Protests in post-communist Romania and Ukraine," published in August 2015. In this interview, Varga provides his vision on the state of the trade unionism in the region after (...)
The Struggle is Creative
This incredible work of art is part of a magnificent photographic installation by dockworkers in Le Havre and the artist known as JR.
Rebellion in France: What’s Next?
Nuit Debout, France’s massive mobilizations against a proposal to dismantle the country’s labor code, has drawn comparisons to similar international movements — Occupy, Turkey’s Gezi Park, the movement of the squares in Greece. This wealth of experience helps us look at Nuit Debout and its prospects going forward.
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