5 Tweets that Show What a Joke This Stimulus Is

  • Maria Aurelio | 
  • December 22, 2020

The stimulus bill passed by Congress is terrible, and people know it. Yesterday #LetThemEatCake was trending, as well as several hashtags like #600IsNotEnough. We’ve written here about all of the ways this stimulus package is insulting and insufficient:

While the working class will receive these insufficient payments, the bill predictably includes billions for corporations and even includes a deduction for “three-martini lunches”: a tax break for corporate meal expenses. Congress also just approved the Pentagon budget — a whopping $740 billion, giving the military more than what they requested in some areas. Congress also approved a new border wall bill, worth about $1.38 billion.Yet Nancy Pelosi claims this $600 check is a “significant amount of money.” This is Congress saying, “Let them eat cake.”

Read more about it in the article “Let Them Eat Cake.”  Here, we present to you some of our favorite tweets about the insulting stimulus package.

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