Down with the siege of Gaza!

For more than a week, the State of Israel has closed all the crossing points that connect the Gaza Strip with the rest of the territory and suspended the supplying of energy, water, fuel, food and medicines, leaving the Palestinian population of 1.5 million people on the brink of disaster.

On January 23, around half a million desperate Palestinians, in search of food and basic goods, knocked down the wall erected by the Mubarak government, that separates the Gaza Strip from Egypt.

The situation is so extreme that in some countries like Jordan, mobilizations have taken place to repudiate this crime against the Palestinian people, by demanding the breaking off of relations with the State of Israel. This method of collective punishment, worthy of totalitarian regimes and armies of occupation, that has the approval of the US, the European Union, the Arab regimes, and the Palestinian government of Mahmud Abbas, servant of the State of Israel and imperialism, is used regularly by the Zionist state to subject the Palestinian resistance and make it yield. Shelling by the Israeli army against the civilian population and murdering the leaders of Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other radical organizations are in addition to this.

In June 2007, Palestinian President Abbas tried to put an end to the Hamas government, elected in January 2006. After a brief confrontation, forces loyal to Abbas left the Gaza Strip, that remained under the government of Hamas. Since then, the blockade and isolation of this small territory has been reinforced, with aim of forcing the government to fall. In addition, the Egyptian government of Hosni Mubarak closed the border with Gaza.

Olmert’s government launched this new offensive with impunity, a few days after the visit of George Bush to the region to renew conversations between Abbas and Israel for the establishment of a supposed “Palestinian State.” This shows once more that the Zionist state and the US, with the complicity of the “international community” and the Arab governments, and the help of al Fatah, are again resorting to terror and collective punishment to defeat the resistance of the Palestinian people and to force them to renounce their basic right to national self-determination and accept living in ghettos under the colonial domination of the racist State of Israel.

Solidarity by workers and the oppressed with the Palestinian people, who are again being subjected to the barbarous attack of the terrorist State of Israel, is needed more than ever.

Transaltion by Y Mikah

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