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A Socialist Guide to Sanderism

Bernie Sanders dropped out of the race. Here are some articles about the Sanders phenomena and why Left Voice thinks socialists shouldn’t have supported Bernie and instead, should build an independent, socialist organization.

Left Voice

April 8, 2020
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Andrew Harnik / AP

Bernie Sanders has dropped out of the 2020 election. Sanders’ rise was indicative of a leftward shift in the working class and especially in large swaths of the youth. He represented the “neoliberal generation” which is saddled with debt and struggling to make ends meet in the gig economy. Now that Sanders is out of the race and the limits of the Sanderist strategy have become clear, the millions of people who were energized by his campaign are looking for a new political project, one that can actually achieve the social change we need. 

Here at Left Voice, we want to discuss with all of these folks who want Medicare for All, public universities, and all of the things that Sanders wanted; we want to discuss with comrades who saw in Sanders a possibility of building for socialism and who want to fight for socialism even now. We’ve written a lot of articles on Bernie Sanders and the limits of supporting him. We don’t think that was the best way forward for socialists. We think that socialists need to build something of their own — they need their own party.

Here we present some of our articles that we have written over the years:

On dropping out today: Requiem for a (Social Democratic) Dream

The Democratic Party Rigs Elections Against Sanders

It’s Still Their Party (and Always Will Be)

Iowa and the Farce of American Democracy

The Forever Election

Who is Bernie Sanders?

What a Bernie Sanders Presidency Would Really Look Like

Sanders’ Speech Explains His Vision of Socialism—It Sounds a Lot like New Deal Liberalism

Socialists Shouldn’t Be in the Democratic Party

A Socialist Case Against Bernie 2020

Jacobin: From the “Dirty Break” to the Democratic Party

DSA Convention 2019: Sanderism and the Tyranny of the Procedural

We’ve been down this road before: Jesse Jackson, the Democrats and the left

Should the DSA Endorse Bernie Sanders?: A Socialist Feminist Debate

On Imperialism and Immigration

Not on Our Side: On Bernie Sanders and Imperialism

Bernie Sanders Versus Open Borders

Bernie Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez Legitimize Regime Change in Venezuela

Socialists Must Be Anti-Imperialists

The 2016 Elections

Let’s Get over Sanders and Back into the Streets

Sanders, a Third Party, or a Working Class Party?

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Left Voice

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United States

A NYPD officer arrests a masked pro-Palestine protestors wearing a kaffiyeh while other cops and masked protesters look on.

Attacks on the Pro-Palestine Movement Are Attacks on the Right to Protest

As the movement for Palestine against Israel’s brutal military invasion of Gaza and attacks on the West Bank continues at a lower intensity than last fall, the State is cracking down on the leaderships of the movement and rolling back gains made by the Black Lives Matter uprising of 2020. The movement must grow in order to fight back against repression and protect our democratic right to protest.

Carmin Maffea

February 10, 2024

When Columbia Students Are Under Attack, We Must Stand Up, Fight Back!

On January 19, two Columbia University students who are former Israeli Defense Forces soldiers attacked students with a chemical-based weapon called “skunk,” at a campus protest against the genocide of Palestinians. Students must unite with workers to defend our movement; from Palestine to Low, the attacks have got to go!

K.S. Mehta

February 2, 2024

Six Ideas to Advance the Movement for Palestine

Nearly four months into Israel’s genocide in Gaza, what will it take for the movement to continue forward and impose its demands?

Luigi Morris

January 28, 2024
Republican presidential candidate former President Donald Trump arrives to speak at a primary election night party in Nashua, N.H., Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2024.

New Hampshire Shows Trumpism Hasn’t Been Stopped as the Crisis that Created It Rages On

Donald Trump cruised to a victory in the New Hampshire primary. His strength in the primaries shows that Biden wasn’t able to resolve the crisis that gave birth to Trumpism.

Sybil Davis

January 28, 2024


With Rafah in the Crosshairs, the Working Class Can Stop the Genocide in Gaza

As Israel prepares an invasion of Rafah, workers’ organizations around the world must take action before it's too late.

James Dennis Hoff

February 21, 2024

“Antideutsche”: The Aberration of Germany’s Pro-Zionist Left

As Germany persists in its unwavering support of Israel and the total denial of its genocide, the German Left is conflicted over the issue. While leftists all over the world are showing solidarity with Palestine, a segment of the German Left is historically pro-Zionist. How did this movement, the so-called Antideutsche (Anti-Germans) come to be?

Seb Zürcher

February 21, 2024

Why German Media are Lying About the Palestine Solidarity Movement at the Free University of Berlin

A rally in front of the Free University of Berlin had as many journalists as demonstrators. This is yet another example of the international campaign to defame all protests against Israel's genocidal military campaign.

Nathaniel Flakin

February 16, 2024
CUNY workers at a demonstration hold a banner that reads "STRIKE TO SAVE CUNY."

CUNY Workers Launch New Strike Campaign

As Governor Hochul proposes another $528 million in cuts, workers at the City University of New York are fighting back.

Olivia Wood

February 12, 2024