Argentina: Massive industrial assemblies vote to go on strike on April 10 and set up picket lines

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  • April 9, 2014

Massive assemblies of the main factories of the northern area have voted, by an extremely broad majority, to join the Thursday, April 10 national strike, in opposition to the decision of their pro-government unions, that supported the “Balcarce CGT.”

In the Pacheco plant of the Kraft Foods Argentina company, mass assemblies of the three shifts voted to go on strike on April 10, despite pressure from the firm and from the union itself, led by Rodolfo Daer. The same thing happened in the Florida plant of Pepsico Snacks.

In the Lear auto parts company, belonging to the Smata trade union led by Ricardo Pignanelli, 300 workers voted in favor of going on strike, and only two voted against.

Likewise, there was a massive vote for striking on April 10 in the Procter & Gamble toiletries factory, belonging to the Soap Makers’ Union (also registered in the pro-government CGT), just like at Alicorp, the former Jabón Federal.

In the main graphic industries of the area, it was also resolved to support the general strike actively, as at Donnelley (formerly Editorial Atlántida) and Word Color.

For their part, the workers of the Fate tire factory, whose union is affiliated with Hugo Yasky’s CTA, resolved to go on strike for 48 hours, from Wednesday, April 9.

These companies joined other groups led by prominent people centered in the Militant Union Conference, like Line B of the Subway, Lan Argentina, the Falcon airport firm, Coca Cola (FEMSA), teachers centered in Suteba Tigre and Ademys, etc.

During this weekend, different meetings promoted by the Militant Union Conference took place in Greater Buenos Aires and in La Plata, where tens of workers’, students’ and leftist organizations participated, in order to coordinate a series of mobilizations and picket lines that will take place from the early morning of April 10, in the context of the national strike, that will include the on-ramps to the Federal Capital and the entrances to the main industrial areas of the Metropolitan Area.

“Minister Tomada stated today that the industries are not going to strike. Although Moyano and Barrionuevo did not take any serious measure to guarantee the April 10 strike, Tomada is going to have a surprise, because there is a new situation in the working class, that sees that they are skimming off workers’ wages, and this adjustment that the government is promoting, is hardly going to happen like that,” declared the subway workers’ leader Claudio Dellecarbonara, one of the leaders of the Militant Union Conference, that met in the Atlanta Stadium, this past March 15.


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Javier ’Poke’ Hermosilla: (011) 15 3805 6785
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