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ARGENTINA: Why we strike?

10 demands for the general strike in Argentina

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1- No ceiling on salary increases at wage negotiations. Bank tellers and oil workers have shown it is possible to break the government policy on salaries (they’ve reached increases over 30 percent).

2- Living wage for all workers and decent pensions. Pensions to retired workers should be 82 percent of a living wage. According to the Argentinian Statistics and Census workers (INDEC), the basic family cost of living was estimated in 12,800 pesos (near 1,300 dollars) in February. But in Argentina, half of the workers only reach 5,500 pesos. Seventy percent of retired workers get only the minimum pension (3,821 pesos), far away from the 82 percent rule, which should be applied.

3- No More Families Left in The Streets! Support ongoing struggles. There are layoffs in many industries like auto parts and a car industry (Fate and Fiat). Also workers from Cresta Roja (food processing plant) faces layoffs. Printing sector workers face massive attacks like the closing of Worldcolor. The workers controlled factory Madygraf (formerly Donnelley) along with other militant rank and file unionists have started a campaign to support Worldcolor’s workers.

4- Job protection for all workers. No more precarious jobs. During the last Kirchnerist decade, bosses and companies have benefited from low wages and poor working conditions imposed on workers. This is because workers have no protection and they can be fired workers at will. Half of the working class only receive a minimum wage (which does not cover basic needs) and have no rights at the workplace. We demand contracts and job protection for all workers.

5- Women workers’ rights. Women face inequality and abuse at workplaces everywhere. After massive demonstration #NiUnaMenos , this national strike must support women workers’ rights.

6- Stop the attacks from the thugs of the union bureaucracy. Every time workers start organizing themselves independently, they face resistance from the State, the bosses and the union bureaucrats. Read about the union thugs’ attacks against Damian Gonzalez, reinstated worker in Lear Corporation . This is not an exception; more than 5,000 workers, students and left activists face legal persecution.

7- Against income tax, which unfairly burdens the workers. Let’s tax the bosses, the rich and the judges. Wages are not profit!

8- Stop precarious jobs. Millions of workers face poor working and living conditions. The textile industry is one of the worst; many workers live at the workplaces (sweatshops) with their families. Argentina faces a serious housing crisis (14 million people live in precarious conditions).

9- Let’s support ongoing struggles. We need to take bakc and rebuild workers’ organization, organize the unorganized and fight the union bureaucracy.

10- Workers see wages drop as the bosses get richer. The bosses got wealthier during the Kirchnernist governments. Scioli, Massa and Macri take the side of the employers too. That’s why a massive general strike, with demands of the working class, organized by the rank and file, is the best way to fight against the bosses, the state and the union bureaucracy.

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