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Bastian Schmidt

Metalworkers’ Strike in Germany for Shortened Workweek

After days of historic strikes, the metalworkers' union in Germany ended its work stoppage, winning partial gains but at the expense of increased flexibility and a negotiated labor peace until 2020.

Bastian Schmidt

February 8, 2018

Amazon Strikes in Germany Continue

In the midst of the holiday shopping season, strikes at Amazon in Germany continue unabated. Hundreds of workers have held walkouts at almost all Amazon company locations. But Amazon continues to claim that the strikes have had zero effect on holiday sales.

Bastian Schmidt

December 15, 2015

Germany: Faster Deportations through ‘Transit Zones’

Faster, more inhumane. This sums up the newest hardening of the asylum laws in Germany. But even that is not enough for the reactionary forces within the German regime. Deportations of refugees are supposed to be accelerated even further by installing so-called “transit zones” close to the borders.

Bastian Schmidt

October 30, 2015