Author: Camille Münzer

Wildcat Strike at Gorillas, a Grocery Delivery Startup in Berlin

Workers at the on-demand grocery delivery service Gorillas have gone on a wildcat strike. They have been blocking warehouses after one of their colleagues was fired. This is an intense, exemplary struggle that demands international attention.

CUNY Union Passes Resolution Demanding End to All U.S. Aid to Israel

Rank-and-file activists in CUNY’s faculty and staff union fought against bureaucratic machinations to pass a resolution calling for internal discussions of BDS and demanding that Joe Biden end all aid to Israel and other countries participating in human rights violations.

No, Germany Is Not Actually Recognizing the Genocide in Namibia

The German government has made international headlines with its public “gestures of reconciliation” for the genocide of tens of thousands of West Africans in the early 1900s. Representatives of the Herero and Nama peoples are rejecting the deal, saying it comes nowhere close to addressing the effects of Germany’s long history of colonial exploitation in the region.

Excluded from the NPA, We Begin the Process of Building a New Revolutionary Organization: Statement of 296 NPA Activists

This declaration addresses the de facto expulsion from the organization of its 296 signers, militants of the New Anticapitalist Party in France from 34 of the party’s committees. For the militants of Révolution Permanente and the CCR, the Trotskyist Fraction – Fourth International group that is a tendency within the NPA, it opens a new stage in the fight to build a revolutionary workers party in France.

Covid-19 and the World “After”: When the Exception Becomes the Norm

As Covid-19 rages, the capitalists are increasing exploitation. But what about after the pandemic? The challenge for the working class is to reject the bourgeoisie’s “new normal” — and instead transform today’s uprising into a fight for a new social order.

Workers’ Control: From the Experience of the French Miners’ Delegates to the COVID-19 Crisis

Miners in 19th century France formed committees in order to monitor working conditions and fight for safety regulations. As many workers across the world today continue to work in the midst of the pandemic, many of them risking exposure in unsafe and unsanitary conditions, the example of these “miners’ delegates” is an invaluable illustration of the power of workers’ control to fight for better conditions.