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Cody R. Melcher

American Exceptionalism or the Trump Aberration? Race and Class in American Politics

The rise of Trump and the lack of development of a major political party that represents the interests of the working class in the United States has led many to ask if there is something peculiar about American society. Goldfield and Melcher argue that the question, and its answer, are rooted in the organization of southern workers and a united front against white supremacy.

Cody R. Melcher

October 8, 2020

Progressive Illusions, Radical Promises: The Working Class and the State

Capital mobility and the threat of disinvestment seriously constrain the capacity of progressive politicians to act. Where, then, does “progressive” legislation come from? American Communists in the 1930s offer an insightful model for the contemporary left.

Cody R. Melcher

June 1, 2019