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Eli Dunn

NYPD Cop Pulled a Gun on Protestors; Months Later, He Still Hasn’t Been Fired

More than three months after pulling a gun in an encounter with protesters, a New York City cop is still on the job. It’s more evidence of the real role and character of policing in capitalist America.

Eli Dunn

April 24, 2021

Cuomo’s Cannabis Proposal Puts Profit Over People

Creating a formal cannabis industry while continuing to criminalize New Yorkers who participate in the informal industry shows that Governor Cuomo has once again prioritized profit and good PR over people.

Eli Dunn

February 21, 2021

Palestinian Feminist Organizer Khitam Saafin Detained by Israeli Forces

On November 9, without being publicly charged or granted a trial, Saafin was ordered to serve six months of administrative detention, a colonial-era policy used for political suppression.

Eli Dunn

November 17, 2020

Justice for Jonathan Price, a Black Man Murdered by Police

A police officer Shaun Lucas shot and killed 31 year old Jonathan Price in Wolfe City, Texas. No justice, no peace.

Eli Dunn

October 7, 2020

Protesters Set Fire to Police Union in Portland

On Saturday night, a fire was started at the office of the police union in Portland. Cop “unions” exist to defend murderers in uniform. This is accountability.  

Eli Dunn

August 10, 2020