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Erell Bleuen

Well-known French Activist Sentenced for “Defamation” of a Police Officer

Assa Traoré was sentenced for “defamation” against a police officer who accused her of lying during the investigation into her brother's Adama’s death in 2016. The Traoré family continues to suffer judicial harassment for its fight against police violence.

Erell Bleuen

April 8, 2023

Occupation in Rennes, France: The Socialist Party Calls the Police  to Repress Mobilized Youth

On February 8, students in Rennes, France, occupied their City Hall to protest President Macron’s neoliberal pension reforms. The next day, the occupation was forcibly evacuated by the police, who were called in by representatives of the Socialist Party. The NUPES alliance “condemned the occupation” in a statement without mentioning the repression.

Erell Bleuen

February 15, 2023