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Letícia Parks

Letícia is a leading member of the Movimento Revolucionário de Trabalhadores (MRT) in Brazil, and of the Black Marxist group Quilombo Vermelho.

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Black Struggle and Revolution, from Brazil to the U.S.

Letícia Parks from Brazil explains the crucial role of Black struggle in working-class revolution.

Letícia Parks

October 1, 2023

“Bolsonaro Prefers to Invest in Mass Graves for Black People Rather than in Healthcare”: An Interview with a Brazilian Socialist

Brazilian socialist Leticia Parks, of the Movement of Revolutionary Workers speaks about the state of the pandemic in Brazil, a growing hotspot for the virus. She also speaks about the ultra-right wing Bolsonaro government and violence against Black Brazilians.

Letícia Parks

May 26, 2020