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Shreya Mahajan

Shreya is a writer of Left Voice. She is a nurse in Washington DC and shop steward with National Nurses United. Follow her @shrey1414


No Pigs Allowed: Let’s Kick Cops Out of Our Unions

The call to remove police unions from labor confederations and working-class organizations is gaining renewed force as hundreds of thousands rise up against racist police brutality.

Shreya Mahajan

June 9, 2020

Nurses’ Hours Are Getting Cut in the Midst of a Pandemic

Despite the critical need for healthcare workers to help manage the COVID-19 across the country, a bedside nurse describes the practices of her non-profit hospital in Washington DC which is cancelling healthcare workers in a scramble to save their own profit.

Shreya Mahajan

April 8, 2020

Defend ACA or Fight for Universal Health Care?

We need free universal healthcare. A Single-Payer program is far from ideal, but it would represent a big gain and leave workers in the U.S. in a much better position to fight for more.

Shreya Mahajan

October 13, 2017

Trump Cancels DACA, Launches Draconian Attack on Young Immigrants

According to reports, Trump is expected to end the DACA program today, putting hundreds of thousands of young people in jeopardy of deportation. The action would reverse a hard-fought gain, however limited, of the immigrant community and would represent one of the worst attacks on this community in decades.

Shreya Mahajan

September 5, 2017

Death to Public Programs: Pro-Privatization Hawk to Head Medicaid

With Seema Verma appointed Trump’s head of Medicare and Medicaid, we can expect the acceleration of privatization and dismantling of current government health insurance programs. In the coming months, millions will face the threat of losing their minimal coverage.

Shreya Mahajan

January 14, 2017