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Wendy Z. Goldman

Wendy Z. Goldman is the Paul Mellon Distinguished Professor in the Department of History at Carnegie Mellon University.

Women’s Liberation in Revolutionary Russia

The historian Wendy Z. Goldman gave this talk in Madrid and Barcelona on September 12 and 15, presenting her book Women, the State, and Revolution.

Wendy Z. Goldman

October 1, 2023

Women, the Bolsheviks and Revolution

On this International Women’s Day, we publish an interview with Wendy Goldman, author of Women, State and Revolution, about the Bolshevik’s ideas of women’s liberation after the 1917 revolution. Particularly, she addresses how the Bolsheviks sought to change women’s material conditions as the basis for women’s liberation. This debate could not be more relevant in a time when despite equality in law, there is no equality in life and a time when female Presidents around the world are no guarantee of women’s basic rights.

Wendy Z. Goldman

March 8, 2016

Madygraf: Behind Every Worker is a Family

Author Wendy Goldman talks about her visit to Argentina and to the worker-controlled factory, Madygraf.

Wendy Z. Goldman

August 11, 2015