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Black August, Black Liberation: A Call for Submissions

For Black revolutionaries and communities, the month of August is a month marked with the struggles, sacrifices, and resistance of Black people in the United States. Submit articles, interviews and art to mark Black August!

Left Voice

August 4, 2021
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Harold Adler/Underwood Archives/Getty Images

Black August commemorates Black resistance and those who fought for liberation and revolution. It celebrates the Black freedom fighters who rose up, in August and beyond, from Nat Turner’s rebellion (August 21, 1831), to the creation of A. Phillip Randolph’s Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters (August 25, 1925) to George Jackson’s murder (August 21, 1971).

Last August, the Black Lives Matter movement was beginning to ebb. Much of the energy and rage of the movement was channeled into the Democratic Party. Between lesser evilism and Kamala Harris’s liberal identity politics, the movement against racism and police violence was quelled and directed towards the ballot box. This year, under the guise of “ending violent crime,”President Biden and the Democrats are promoting policies against last year’s movement, like increasing police budgets across the country. Further, many Black Lives Matter activists continue to face charges with little support or media attention.

If you are facing charges, please reach out to us. Left Voice wants to highlight your struggle.

This Black August, we must remember that change doesn’t come at the ballot box, and it doesn’t come with the racist parties of capital. We remember the Black freedom fighters before us who fought the long fight, when there were mass uprisings, and when the task was to prepare in the shadows.

In August 1971, it was the state that killed George and Jonathan Jackson.Today, it is the state that continues to keep Black freedom fighters in prison; political prisoners such as Ruchell Magee continue to be locked up to this day. We celebrate the resistance of the prison uprisings and strikes in the past, from Attica to the prison strikes of the past few years

We invite comrades to write, make art, or interview an activist or author for Left Voice this month. We remember and honor the dead and fight like hell for the living.

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Ideas & Debates

Rosa Luxemburg: A Revolutionary Eulogy by Clara Zetkin

The great Polish-German revolutionary Rosa Luxemburg was murdered on this day in 1919. Her comrade Clara Zetkin wrote this brief tribute some months later.

Clara Zetkin

January 15, 2022
A meeting in the White House in 'Don't Look Up'

‘Don’t Look Up’: Why the Climate Crisis Isn’t a Comet, and Why That Matters

'Don’t Look Up' presents an opportunity to reignite the climate movement. That means we have to look beyond its creators’ calls for individual action.

Emma Lee

January 1, 2022

2022: More Wealthy People and Far More Poor People. We Need to Fight Back

After almost two years of pandemic, the inequality gap has increased: 10 percent of the global population now receives 52 percent of global income, according to the World Inequality Report.

Luigi Morris

January 1, 2022

As the WHO Warns of an Omicron “Tsunami,” the United States and Europe Enact Irrational and Irresponsible Measures

Record-setting increases in daily Covid infection numbers, with the Omicron variant getting out of control, has led the United States and European countries to reduce quarantine periods and take other measures that put the profits of the bosses over workers’ health.

Juan Andrés Gallardo

December 30, 2021


New York’s Eviction Moratorium Ends Today. We Demand Free Public Housing For All

New York’s eviction moratorium expires today, and hundreds of thousands of households across the state are at risk of eviction. We cannot turn a blind eye to a single eviction, and we must demand rent cancellation and free public housing for all.

Emma Lee

January 15, 2022

French Government Gives Crumbs in Response to Historic Education Strike. The Mobilizations Must Continue and Expand!

Tens of thousands of education workers, students, and parents, took to the streets across France on Thursday, January 13. The government is trying to calm the anger with crumbs, but the chaotic Covid-19 protocols and lack of resources remain unchanged. It’s time to keep up the mobilizations and demand that the unions create a battle plan going forward that will involve the entire working class.

Cécile Manchette

January 15, 2022

Ukraine on the World Chessboard

Historically, Ukraine has been strategically important in the confrontation between Russia, the United States, and NATO. Today, as Russia mobilizes its troops to the Ukrainian border, the drums of war are beating. But will Russia invade? This article analyzes the situation from the beginning, addressing the various dimensions of a conflict that is much more complex than it appears, as well as the strategic views of each competing power.

Santiago Montag

January 15, 2022
Karl Liebknecht addressing a crowd in Trotz Alledem from a movie.

This 50-Year-Old Film from East Germany Shows the Last Days of Karl Liebknecht

Karl Liebknecht was murdered 103 years ago. The East German biopic "In Spite of Everything" premiered 50 years ago today and shows his final days.

Nathaniel Flakin

January 14, 2022