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Black August, Black Liberation: A Call for Submissions

For Black revolutionaries and communities, the month of August is a month marked with the struggles, sacrifices, and resistance of Black people in the United States. Submit articles, interviews and art to mark Black August!

Left Voice

August 4, 2021
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Harold Adler/Underwood Archives/Getty Images

Black August commemorates Black resistance and those who fought for liberation and revolution. It celebrates the Black freedom fighters who rose up, in August and beyond, from Nat Turner’s rebellion (August 21, 1831), to the creation of A. Phillip Randolph’s Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters (August 25, 1925) to George Jackson’s murder (August 21, 1971).

Last August, the Black Lives Matter movement was beginning to ebb. Much of the energy and rage of the movement was channeled into the Democratic Party. Between lesser evilism and Kamala Harris’s liberal identity politics, the movement against racism and police violence was quelled and directed towards the ballot box. This year, under the guise of “ending violent crime,”President Biden and the Democrats are promoting policies against last year’s movement, like increasing police budgets across the country. Further, many Black Lives Matter activists continue to face charges with little support or media attention.

If you are facing charges, please reach out to us. Left Voice wants to highlight your struggle.

This Black August, we must remember that change doesn’t come at the ballot box, and it doesn’t come with the racist parties of capital. We remember the Black freedom fighters before us who fought the long fight, when there were mass uprisings, and when the task was to prepare in the shadows.

In August 1971, it was the state that killed George and Jonathan Jackson.Today, it is the state that continues to keep Black freedom fighters in prison; political prisoners such as Ruchell Magee continue to be locked up to this day. We celebrate the resistance of the prison uprisings and strikes in the past, from Attica to the prison strikes of the past few years

We invite comrades to write, make art, or interview an activist or author for Left Voice this month. We remember and honor the dead and fight like hell for the living.

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Ideas & Debates

The Movement for Palestine Needs Independent, Working-Class Politics

As the brutal genocide of Palestinians continues with the help of the Biden administration, there is maneuver underway to co-opt the movement for Palestine. We need to have a democratic and independent movement that relies on the power of the working class, the student movement, and mobilizations in the streets.

Tatiana Cozzarelli

April 7, 2024

Self Organization and the Mexican Student Strike 

Left Voice member speaks about the massive 1999 Mexican student strike and the role of assemblies.

Jimena Vergara

March 30, 2024

The Convulsive Interregnum of the International Situation

The capitalist world is in a "permacrisis" — a prolonged period of instability which may lead to catastrophic events. The ongoing struggles for hegemony could lead to open military conflicts.

Claudia Cinatti

March 22, 2024

“Poor Things” Floats Like a Butterfly and Stings Like a Butterfly

Poor Things is a fantastical comedy with beautiful set design and costumes and an Oscar-winning performance from Emma Stone. So why did it leave me feeling so empty? Despite juggling feminist and socialist ideas, the film is ideologically muddled and often self-contradictory.

Basil Rozlaban

March 16, 2024


Google employees staging a sit-in against the company's role in providing technology for the Israeli Defense Forces. The company then fired 28 employees.

Workers at Google Fired for Standing with Palestine

Google has fired 28 workers who staged a sit-in and withheld their labor. The movement for Palestine must take up the fight against repression.

Left Voice

April 18, 2024

The Movement for Palestine Is Facing Repression. We Need a Campaign to Stop It.

In recent weeks, the movement in solidarity with Palestine has faced a new round of repression across the U.S. We need a united campaign to combat this repression, one that raises strategic debates about the movement’s next steps.

Tristan Taylor

April 17, 2024

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson Has No Place at Labor Notes

The Labor Notes Conference will have record attendance this year, but it’s showing its limits by opening with a speech from Chicago’s pro-cop Democratic mayor, Brandon Johnson. Instead of facilitating the Democratic Party’s co-optation of our movement, Labor Notes should be a space for workers and socialists to gather and fight for a class-independent alternative.

Emma Lee

April 16, 2024

U.S. Imperialism is Pushing Tensions in the Middle East to a Boiling Point

U.S. Imperialism's support for Israel is driving the tensions behind Iran's attack and the escalations in the Middle East. It is all the more urgent for the working class to unite with the movement for Palestine against imperialism and chart a way out of the crisis in the region.

Samuel Karlin

April 15, 2024