Virtual Panel: Black Socialists on BLM, Class Struggle and Revolution

The fire last summer still burns against the police, racism, and bigotry. Despite the attempts at co-optation from the Democratic Party and open racism from the Republican Party, youth and workers are still rising up. What lessons can we learn from the uprising last summer to move forward with abolishing the police, breaking with the Democrats, and bringing class struggle together?
  • Left Voice | 
  • February 27, 2021

Join Left Voice for a panel with Black socialists who were part of the uprisings in 2020 to reflect on the movement last summer, the next steps for the struggle, and what it will take to win true liberation.

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Tristan Taylor is a leader in the Black-led group Detroit Will Breathe and a member of Left Voice. Tristan led the actions and protests demanding justice for George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. He and dozens of other activists face felony charges for their organizing.

Darrin Johnson is a leader in the group Black Power Collective. Formerly called Black Lives Matter-Inland Empire, the group recently broke with the BLM Global Network. Darrin is a leader in the fight against police brutality in the Inland Empire.

Julia Wallace is a frontline worker and leader in SEIU Drop the Cops, a group aiming to kick the police out of unions. She is also a member and international correspondent of Left Voice.

The purpose of the panel is to engage with fighters in Black, youth, and working-class struggles, reflect on the movement, and, most importantly, how to move forward. International socialist fighters will also be contributing their experiences throughout the discussion.

The event will be on Feb 27th – 3PM PT/6PM ET.

To register to receive the zoom link click here:

The event will also be streamed live on Facebook.

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