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BRAZIL: Dilma’s Disapproval Rate is Second Highest of any Brazilian President

The rejection rate of President Dilma Rousseff’s government has reached 65%, its highest level so far. According to the study, Senator Aécio Neves would win the 2018 elections in a possible dispute with former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

Left Voice

June 23, 2015
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Portuguese version from Esquerda Diario (Brasil), 6/21/2015

According to Datafolha Institute, disapproval of the president’s administration is topped only by the 68% disapproval rate reached by the then president of Brazil Fernando Collor de Melo in september of 1992, a few days prior to his impeachment.

Since April, when the last study was done, Dilma’s approval rate fell three percentage points – to 10%. That month, the government’s disapproval rate had reached 60%. The rise by five percentage points in June is related to job and salary insecurity due to the government’s economic team’s fiscal adjustments.

Additionally, this study simulated an eventual electoral scenario to 2018.

According to the interviewed, Aécio, PSDB’s candidate who was defeated last year by Dilma, would win the first round in the presidential elections with 35% of the votes against Lula’s 25%, PT’s potential candidate.

Marina Silva, who came in third place in the last two presidential elections, first in 2010 and then winning 20% of the votes 2014, would have the support of 18% of the voters in 2018.

Translation: Guilherme Kranz

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