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How Joseph Stalin Helped Create the State of Israel

Joseph Stalin committed numerous crimes against the international working class. But one of his greatest crimes was the support he gave to the foundation of the state of Israel. Trotskyists, in contrast, have always opposed Zionism.

Chile ’73: Was Victory Possible?

Allende’s experience was the most radical attempt to achieve socialism through elections and gradual reforms. What went wrong?

When the North Star Turned Red

100 years ago, the working class in Finland seized power. This little-known revolution is full of lessons for socialists today. 

100 Years Ago in Berlin: German Revolutionaries Step on the Grass

According to an old joke, Germans will never make a revolution because that would require stepping on the grass. Yet 100 years ago, as the First World War drew to a close, the workers’ movement in Germany was preparing an insurrection against the kaiser and the capitalists. On November 9, 1918, the general strike began in Berlin—after years of preparation.