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Work in the Time of Coronavirus

Work in the Time of Coronavirus: Lack of PPE Makes it Impossible to “Do No Harm”

A nurse in a city in central North Carolina reveals working conditions at her hospital and how her relationship with her workplace has changed. She and her coworkers are unable to care for patients without potentially exposing themselves, their families, the patients, and each other to COVID-19.

Left Voice

April 9, 2020

Work in the Time of Coronavirus: Coronavirus came and my company kicked me to the curb

The son of a retail worker shares how their mother was fired in the midst of the pandemic and lost crucial benefits like health insurance as a result.

Left Voice

March 26, 2020

Health Disparities Will Devastate the Nation’s Capital During the Pandemic: A Physician’s Perspective

Less than a couple miles from the nation’s capital, where the seats of political power converge in one of the wealthiest cities in the world, egregious disparities in healthcare have left swathes of Washington D.C. undeserved or without access. A frontline physician implores us: We must act now.

Luigi Morris

March 25, 2020

NYC Healthcare Workers Exposed to COVID19 Are Denied Testing

Healthcare workers face known hazards to their safety and their lives in the current pandemic. Even when exposed to patients known to have coronavirus, they are being denied testing and told to continue working as long as they are asymptomatic.

Kyu Nam

March 24, 2020

Work in the Time of Coronavirus: Tour Guides Struggling in an Empty City

An NYC tour guide is enraged over the current situation. Capitalism’s “pull yourself up by the bootstraps” mentality won’t help workers put food on the table and pay rent, especially not during this crisis.

Left Voice

March 21, 2020

Work in the Time of Coronavirus: Living on the Edge of a Cliff

For many, making a living in the United States means taking out substantial debt and working long hours at more than one precarious job. An education worker and playwright speaks out about how the coronavirus outbreak has exacerbated tensions that existed before this crisis.

Left Voice

March 21, 2020

Work in the Time of Coronavirus: From Three Jobs to One, How Will I Pay the Rent?

An artist in NYC shares their story about losing their job as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Left Voice

March 20, 2020

Work in the Time of Coronavirus: Every Single Day, I Dread Going to Work

A grocery store worker shares their perspective on being forced to work during a pandemic and the widespread fear gripping the public.

Left Voice

March 20, 2020