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The U.S.-China Trade War and the Race for Global Hegemony

The escalating trade war with China has U.S capitalists trembling. Yet they simultaneously crave access to the Chinese domestic market. A battle for global hegemony looms on the horizon.

Juan C

June 12, 2019

From Marco Polo to Xi Jinping: Italy Joins the Silk Route

Italy signs a new trade agreement with China. What does this mean for China's relationship with Europe?

General Strike in India: 200 Million Workers Oppose the Government’s Labor Law

On Wednesday, 200 million workers took part in the second day of a general strike in India against the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, whose labor law worsens working conditions and prevents unionization.

Juan Andrés Gallardo

January 10, 2019

Markets, Volatility and Crisis: A Conversation with Tony Norfield, Michael Roberts and Paula Bach

The swings in the stock markets in the United States, Europe and Japan this past week have reignited fears of a financial meltdown. We discussed these recent developments and the immediate prospects of the global economy with three renowned Marxist economists.

Left Voice

December 11, 2018

Campaign for the Release of Student-worker Activists in China Takes off

In recent years, the Chinese government has ramped up repression against union activists and students organizing in universities. The last episode has been the arrest in May of this year of 29 activists demanding the right to form a union at the Jasic Technology factory in Shenzhen.

Left Voice

November 13, 2018

The Roots of Japan’s Crisis

Today, Japan is passing through an era known as the Heisei period, which has defined the country since 1989. Most Japanese people consider the Heisei period a time of hardship, since it has been marked by drastic changes in the country’s economic, social, political and cultural structures, which have given rise to a society of […]

Alex Mann

September 28, 2018

Strength and Contradictions of the Chinese Economy: An Interview With Au Loong Yu

Chinese global aspirations can be seen in the country’s expanding investments abroad. A trade war with the United States may have devastating consequences.

Juan C

September 13, 2018

[VIDEO] The Fight for Life: Semiconductor workers in South Korea end 1000-day occupation

Left Voice correspondents visit the SHARPS sit-in occupation tent and speak with solidarity activist Sangsu, Samsung worker Misun and the mother of Kicheol, who died recently from occupational disease.

Left Voice

August 1, 2018

South Korean Communication Workers Strike Against Casualized Labor

Sixteen hundred South Korean workers are on strike against SK Broadband as part of a struggle against irregular jobs and low wages. They demand job security, safe workplace and living wages.

Left Voice

July 31, 2018