From Oregon to Argentina: Solidarity with #NiUnaMenos Movement


Members of The Graduate Student Fellows Federation (GTFF) of the University of Oregon issued a statement showing their support for the women’s strike and mobilization against femicide in Argentina

Graduate students express solidarity with the #NiUnaMenos protests. The following is a statement issued by the Graduate Student Fellows Federation at the University of Oregon:

From Eugene, Oregon, we say, as loud as we can Ni una menos! Vivas nos queremos!

The Graduate Student Fellows Federation (GTFF) is the union of the graduate employees at the University of Oregon, and its one of the oldest graduate unions in the United States. The GTFF has in its 40 years of history stand along struggles around the globe, expressing its solidarity and standing along different movements and organizations fighting against the different forms of capitalist violence.

Last Friday during the General Membership Meeting, the information about the women’s strike in Argentina was brought to the floor and members voiced their support for the actions about to take place. As a result, a picture was taken to express solidarity with the massive mobilization that took place today.

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