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Hundreds of Thousands Join General Strike Against Macron’s Labor Reform

The French working class organizes the first general strike against President Macron.

Amelia Robles

September 14, 2017
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Over 400,000 workers took part in the general strike on Tuesday, with over 180 mobilizations throughout the country, including large concentrations in Marseille and the major cities, to march against President Emmanuel Macron’s unpopular labor reforms unveiled at the end of August.

The day of protests criticized labor market flexibility, one of the primary reforms promoted by Macron. The strike caused flight delays and cancellations from many “low cost” airline companies, whose employees were on strike; Ryanair in particular, but also Easyjet, Vueling, and Volotea, canceled a dozen flights.

Railroads were impacted, with cancellations predominantly along regional lines and nearby Paris. The strike disrupted metropolitan transportation systems in several cities as well.

In addition to the stoppages in transport, the ports of Le Havre, which were transformed into a symbol of struggle during the protests in 2016 against the reforms of François Hollande, were also part of the strike. In Le Havre, some 10,000 protesters headed by the dockworkers were mobilized.

Chemical, postal, and telecommunications workers were also among the unions that turned up at the strike, including the Confederation Union of the Retirees of the CGT (General Confederation of Labour).

In Lyon, the police launched tear gas and repressed protesters who concentrated against the labor reforms.

In spite of Macron’s obvious attacks on labor rights, other large unions such as the CFGT, and the Force Ouvrière (FO), were not brought into the strike, which was launched by the CGT. The rank-and-file base of these other unions, however, participated despite their union leadership’s reluctance to endorse. For example, more than 50 local sections of the FO syndicate, including railway workers, chemical workers, transport and energy workers, among others, turned up at the strike, revealing that the spirit of the struggle of 2016 persists. In Rennes alone, there were more than 24 mobilizations.

This general strike occurred in tandem with a dramatic decline in Macron’s popularity, which dropped 60 percent in the last three months–a decline from which he still has not recovered. The massive turnout for the general strike and the public’s disapproval of Macron has increased the tension and narrowed the margins of action of the government, which should be prepared for a new round. Meanwhile, a new strike has been called by the CGT for September 21, the eve of the proceedings of the reform.

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Nancy Fraser, Jacques Rancière, Silvia Federicci and many others say: Stop the Criminalization of Palestine Solidarity in France!

Anasse Kazib, a union activist and former presidential candidate, was recently interrogated by French anti-terrorist police. In this open letter, more than 800 prominent intellectuals and activists call to stand united against the criminalization of Palestine solidarity.

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In France, the repression of Palestine supporters is escalating. A conference by La France Insoumise (LFI) has been banned; a union leader has been arrested and charged for speaking out for Palestine; court cases have increased against those who “condone terrorism”; and the state has stepped up its “anti-terrorism” efforts. In the face of all this, we must stand together.

Nathan Deas

April 23, 2024

Occupy Against the Occupation: Protest Camp in Front of Germany’s Parliament

Since Monday, April 8, pro-Palestinian activists have been braving Germany's bleak climate — both meteorological and political — to protest the Israeli genocide in Gaza, and the unconditional German support for it. 

Erik de Jong

April 20, 2024

Thousands of Police Deployed to Shut Down Congress on Palestine in Berlin

This weekend, a Palestine Congress was supposed to take place in the German capital. But 2,500 police were mobilized and shut down the event before the first speech could be held. Multiple Jewish comrades were arrested.

Nathaniel Flakin

April 12, 2024


Fight to End the Genocide in Gaza and the Repression of the Palestine Movement. For an Anti-Imperialist, Internationalist, and Revolutionary Movement of Young People and Workers!

On May 15, or Nakba Day, the youth of the Trotskyist Fraction - Fourth International took part in mobilizations across the globe in protest of the “new Nakba” — Israel’s ongoing genocide against the Palestinian people which it perpetrates with the complicity of the imperialist states.

A banner at the City College Encampment in NYC which reads: "The 5 demands: 1) Divest 2) Boycott 3) Solidarity 4) Demilitarize 5) A People's CUNY

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The reemergence of the student movement raises echoes of the past that help to articulate key aspects of the direction of the movement against the genocide in Palestine. Here we consider a few links between today and the movement against the war in Vietnam.

Daniel Alfonso

May 12, 2024

The Bipartisan War on Immigrants Is Heating Up

Towards the elections in November, Biden and Trump have both made immigration a central issue for their campaigns, showing the central role the crisis at the southern border is for U.S. imperialism – and the necessity for the American working class to reject the chauvinist divisions it imposes.

Sou Mi

May 10, 2024

NYC Schools Chancellor Testifies in McCarthyist Congressional Hearings

New York City schools Chancellor David Banks testified in the series of McCarthyist congressional hearings of educational administrators, which are falsely conflating the pro-Palestinian movement with antisemitism and pressuring administrators to take harsh measures against their students and staff.

Emma Lee

May 9, 2024