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Israel Bombs Gaza Strip on Christmas Day

On Christmas, the Israeli Defense Force bombed the Gaza Strip.

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A night sky above a city is lit up orange by fires in the distance. A plume of dark smoke fills the sky.
Mahmud Hams / AFP

On Friday, while much of the world celebrated Christmas, Israeli bombs lit the skies over the Gaza Strip. The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) attacked Hamas targets in Gaza after intercepting two rockets fired into southern Israel. The bombing of Gaza — an already increasingly unlivable area due to years of blockades and Israeli aggression —  comes amid a new political crisis in Israel. 

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Israeli army planes hit a Hamas military post, a factory that produces rockets, and subway infrastructure in retaliation for the two intercepted rockets in southern Israel earlier in the night. There were no reported casualties or injuries as a result of the rocketfire. The State of Israel pointed the blame at Hamas, though no group has yet claimed responsibility.

However, on social media, Palestinians posted images that showed civilian facilities were hit.

These attacks on the Gaza Strip come in the midst of alleged indirect negotiations between Israel and Hamas on a prisoner exchange agreement and on allowing humanitarian aid into the impoverished coastal enclave. Israel is also entering a new political crisis, heading towards its fourth presidential election in just two years. It would not be surprising if the crisis is resolved via renewed conflict with Palestine. 

The State of Israel does not give any respite to the Palestinian people who have been fighting for their self-determination against aggression — not even on Christmas day. 

First Published in Spanish on December 26 in La Izquierda Diario.

Translated by Otto Fors

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