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Kirchner maintains majority, but loses major Argentine cities

By Juan Blanco

Left Voice

October 29, 2013
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By Juan Blanco http://english.pravda.ru/history/29-10-2013/126022-kirchner_majority-0/

The party Front for Victory (FPV) of President Cristina Kirchner, was the most voted in the legislative elections in Argentina, held on Sunday (27). According to official projections, with nearly 7.7 million votes, 33 % of the total, it has the majority of 132 seats in the Chamber of Deputies. Despite being the main political force at the national level, the party lost in key constituencies.

In the main province, Buenos Aires, the victory remained with Frente Renovadora, the main opposition to the government. Still, the government celebrated the victory of FPV, which leaned on its performance in the provinces in which it gained overwhelming support for its policies, namely in Black River, Entre Rios and Tucuman.

However , the defeat in the large districts it is still worrying for the President, who needs to enable the candidature of Daniel Sciolli, who currently tends to be the government candidate for the Presidential elections in 2015, since Cristina Kirchner cannot be postulated for a third term.

“There were local results that were very important, but the Front for Victory comes back to consolidate itself again”, said the Vice President Amado Boudou. Likewise, the cabinet chief Juan Manuel Abal Medina, declared that “the FPV increased its majority in the House of Representatives by five seats , ensuring its governance in Argentina”.

In Sunday’s elections half the Chamber of Deputies and one third of the Senate were renewed. In Argentina, for the Chamber, the number of representatives elected per district is proportional to the number of voters. In the Senate, each province (state) has three seats. Some provinces and municipalities also renovated part of their local legislatures.

Buenos Aires

Sergio Massa, Frente Renovadora Front, won with a 12-point lead over the second-placed Kirchner supporter Martin Insaurralde. With this result, Massa, who is mayor of Tigre and former chief of staff of Cristina, presents itself as a leading opposition candidate for President in 2015.

Historical result

The Left Front and Workers also won a place in the Chamber of Deputies for the province of Mendoza. The historical result of the alliance formed by the Labour Party, Socialist Workers Party and Socialist Left was repeated in the province of Buenos Aires and in Salta.

Cristina Kirchner

Newly operated on, President Cristina Kirchner recovers from drainage of a hematoma in the head and did not attend the last stage of the campaign for parliamentary elections and cannot vote . The mandatory medical decision banned her from traveling. She is resting at the residence of Olivos , on the outskirts of the capital Buenos Aires.

According to the eldest son of Cristina, Max , his mother is “very well and in good spirits.” After voting in the province of Rio Gallenos, he gave statements to the press about the health of the President.

From the Portuguese version of Pravda.Ru

Source: vermelho.org

and agencies

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