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2020 Elections Live Updates

Welcome to the Left Voice 2020 Elections Live Blog, where we’ll be updating this space with the latest news as U.S. voters head to — and wait at — the polls. Do you have news that should be included? Pictures of long lines, voter intimidation, or something else? Send them to us at [email protected]

Left Voice

November 3, 2020
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A hand-drawn image of a ballot with the line for president showing. The write-in bubble is filled in, and someone has written "NO CAPITALIST PARTIES" in red.
Sou Mi

The Protest Wave Has Begun

11:43 P.M. EST

People in Raleigh, D.C., Portland, and elsewhere are tweeting out videos and reports from protests that are already beginning as the election looks like it will be a closer race than many expected. There are more protests already scheduled for tomorrow, “regardless of results,” and even more in the coming days to pressure states to make sure every vote is counted. Police have been documented snatching protesters in D.C.

Police Repression in Raleigh, North Carolina

11:21 P.M. EST

A group of protesters in Raleigh, North Carolina, were repressed by police tonight. As much of the country breathlessly watched pundits discuss the election results, protesters took the streets, chanting “whoever wins, we lose.” They marched through the city’s streets, closely pursued by Raleigh cops in unmarked vans and tactical vehicles. Protesters burned American flags to protest an election in which two servants of the capitalist state are duking it out to decide who will oppress us in the coming period. At around 10 pm, the police declared the gathering “unlawful” and broke it up. This is certainly a prelude to what could be greater repression of protests if they continue after the election.

Left Voice Election Dispatch

8:10 P.M. EST

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Southern Voter Suppression 2020

7:36 P.M. EST

As people in the South try to cast their votes, they face a variety of uphill battles. Whether it be explicitly white supremacist policies from the late 1800s, 21st century methods to restrict voting rights, long waits, climate disasters, or all of the above combined, voter suppression highlights the issues of how the American electoral system is organized around protecting the few.

Read more here.

U.S. Claims of Election Interference are Overblown and Hypocritical

6:31 P.M. EST

Warmongers in the bourgeois media and government have criticized Russia and Iran for meddling in the U.S. election. But nothing compares to the United States’ long history of interfering in foreign elections.

Read more here.

In an Anti-Semitic Attack, Trump Supporters Vandalize Gravestones in Michigan

5:42 P.M. EST

This desecration of the cemetery comes right before the 2020 election, with hate-crime violence at a 16-year high.

Read more here.

Voting Machines Down in Fort Myers, Florida

2:04 P.M. EST

A video was posted to Twitter early this morning showing a voting machine rejecting someone’s ballot. In later tweets, the user elaborated that the machines were accepting the first page of each ballot but not the second, that this was happening at multiple precincts, and that voters were being instructed to leave their ballots for hand-counting or scanning of the second page later on.

Robocalls in Flint, Michigan, Encourage Residents to “Vote Tomorrow”

1:27 P.M. EST

Dana Nessel, the Attorney General of Michigan, tweeted this morning that people are receiving calls encouraging them to stay home and avoid the lines because voting will still be open tomorrow, on Wednesday. This is a lie.

Read more here.

It’s Time to Abolish the Racist, Voter-Suppressing Electoral College

12:54 P.M. EST

The right to vote may not be enshrined in the U.S. Constitution, but voter suppression is.

Read more here.

The Most Important Election of Our Lifetimes…Again?

12:16 P.M. EST

“It’s the most important election of our lifetime”– a phrase used every four years to get us to vote the lesser evil.

Read more here.

Voting Machines Go Dark in Spalding County

12:08 P.M. EST

An entire county in Georgia lost the ability to log votes for several hours this morning, after officials say poll workers incorrectly loaded information into the system, causing a county-wide computer malfunction. Spalding County elections officials hurried to distribute provisional ballots to all of the polling sites, but the error caused significant delays. Some voters spent all morning waiting, while others chose to leave with the intention of coming back later in the day. Although the malfunction was fixed by noon EST, the Elections Supervisor of Spalding County said that polling places would not stay open later to correct this error unless there was a court order. 

Spalding County is located just south of Atlanta, and is home to nearly 70,000 people as of the 2010 census. Trump won the county by approximately 6,000 votes in 2016. Given that Georgia is a key swing state this year, this malfunction could have serious repercussions on the outcome in the state. 

In addition, this malfunction is part of a larger pattern of voter suppressions in areas with a high amount of Black and Brown voters. Spalding County is roughly 34.9% Black, which is over twice the national average. Areas with a high number of minority voters are systematically underfunded and underserved when it comes to polling places.

4,000-Person Trump Caravan Blocks Polling Station

10:26 A.M. EST

On Sunday, in Southern California, a caravan of Trump supporters drove for 60 miles and blocked entry to a polling station.

Read more here.

Everyone Must Be Allowed To Vote

9:45 A.M. EST

It’s deeply undemocratic that undocumented people and people with felony convictions are barred from voting, and that many workers are unable to vote because of insufficient time. All people should be able to vote, and Election Day must be a federal holiday so people have the time off they need to participate in elections.

Read more here.

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United States

Far Right Imposed Shutdown Represents Deeper Crises Only Workers Can Resolve

The United States is on the verge of a government shutdown. The fact that a minority far right in Congress has forced this, largely over disagreements with military spending, shows that the U.S. regime is in a historic crisis. Now more than ever, workers must intervene for their own interests.

Sam Carliner

September 29, 2023

Neither Trump nor Biden Represent the Interests of the Striking Workers

Donald Trump skipped the second GOP debate to go to Michigan to speak on the UAW strike. This, one day after Biden became the first U.S. president to walk a picket line, represents the on-going fight between the parties to win influence over the working class.

Enid Brain

September 29, 2023

The Deadliest Year for U.S.-Mexico Border Crossings Occurred during Biden’s Administration

The humanitarian crisis at the border was created by capitalism. Voting for a lesser evil won’t save the Latin American working class; it will take international, political and strategic solidarity across borders to build a combative immigrants’ rights movement.

Paul Ginestá

September 28, 2023

Scabs Will Not Pass: Defend the UAW Strike With Organized Grassroots Power

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Jason Koslowski

September 27, 2023


The Big Three Are Using Layoffs to Punish the UAW and Undermine the Strike

The Big Three are retaliating against the UAW by laying off thousands of its members at plants across the country. Defeating these attacks will require the self organization and mobilization of all the workers.

James Dennis Hoff

September 28, 2023
President Biden visits striking UAW workers in Michigan.

Biden’s Picket Line Visit Doesn’t Mean He Is On Our Side

President Biden’s visit to the UAW picket line shows the strength of the strike — and why it should remain independent from him and the Democrats.

Tatiana Cozzarelli

September 27, 2023

Toward a Revolutionary Socialist Network

In this article Warren Montag and Joseph Serrano respond to our call for a network for a working-class party for socialism. 

Warren Montag

September 27, 2023

China’s Rise, ‘Diminished Dependency,’ and Imperialism in Times of World Disorder

In this broad-ranging interview, originally published in LINKS, Trotskyist Fraction member Esteban Mercatante discusses how recent global shifts in processes of capital accumulation have contributed to China’s rise, the new (and old) mechanisms big powers use to plunder the Global South, and its implications for anti-imperialist and working-class struggles today.

Esteban Mercatante

September 22, 2023