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Left Voice Magazine for February 2022

We present our online magazine for February, with contributions on the crisis in Ukraine, the late work of Karl Marx, the Critical Left in Cuba, the revolutionary socialist running for president in France, and more.

Left Voice

February 27, 2022
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Podcast: Russia, NATO, and the Crisis in Ukraine

All That’s Left Pod

Check out the new episode of Left Voice’s podcast, All That’s Left, on the crisis in Ukraine.

The Unknown Paths of the Late Marx

Josefina L. Martínez and Marcello Musto

An interview with Marcello Musto about the last decade of Marx’s life.

The Critical Left in Cuba

Frank García Hernández, Pablo Oprinari, and Milton D’León

Frank García Hernández discusses the political and economic situation in Cuba and the path out of the current crisis.

A Bureaucratic Revolution in the Labor Movement?

Jason Koslowski

A contribution to a critique of U.S. union bureaucracy since 1980.

Nancy Fraser and Counterhegemony

Josefina L. Martínez

A presentation from the Fourth International Marxist Feminist Conference.

Who is Anasse Kazib?

Left Voice

Meet the Trotskyist railway worker running for president of France.

The Leninist Conception of the Party: Myths and Realities about the Leader of the Bolshevik Party

Marina Garrisi

In Lenin’s work, the party question is not only decisive but is also probably the most difficult to unravel.

Find whole issue here.

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Left Voice

Militant journalism, revolutionary politics.

Ideas & Debates

Left Voice Magazine: Special Issue on Our Congress

In July, Left Voice held its first congress. As part of this special issue of our magazine, we are publishing two documents that formed the basis of the discussions, as well as an substantive and rousing greeting from Leticia Parks, a Black revolutionary socialist from Brazil. We also include an appeal for Climate Leninism, a debate with Tempest, and a talk about women’s liberation in revolutionary Russia.

Left Voice

October 1, 2023

Debating the Path to the Party

Revolutionaries and Reformist Organizations — A Debate Between Jimena Vergara of Left Voice and Aaron Amaral of Tempest at the Socialism Conference in Chicago.

Jimena Vergara

October 1, 2023

For Climate Leninism!

Andreas Malm has called for “ecological Leninism” to fight the climate emergency. Good. But above all, Leninism means smashing the capitalist state.

Nathaniel Flakin

October 1, 2023

Toward a Revolutionary Socialist Network

In this article Warren Montag and Joseph Serrano respond to our call for a network for a working-class party for socialism. 

Warren Montag

September 27, 2023


The UAW Strike Is the Most Important in Decades

One of the most ambitious and combative labor struggles in decades, the UAW strike reflects the growing power of the U.S. working class in a period of increasing political crisis.

Daniel Alfonso

October 2, 2023
Socialist presidential candidate Miriam Bregman at Argentina's presidential debates.

At Argentina’s Presidential Debate, Far-Right Milei Got Slapped Down by Socialist Bregman

On Sunday, five candidates in Argentina's presidential elections faced off on live TV. Socialist Myriam Bregman showed that far-right economist Javier Milei, who won a surprise victory in the primaries, was no "libertarian lion" — he's a "cuddly kitten of the rich and powerful."

Nathaniel Flakin

October 2, 2023

Notes on the International Situation

A Convulsive New Phase of the Crisis of Neoliberalism — A Document for the Left Voice Congress

Left Voice

October 1, 2023

A Slow-Moving Crisis of the Empire

Notes on the National Situation – A Document for the Left Voice Congress

Left Voice

October 1, 2023