Left Voice on the Fight Against Police Brutality


This is a collection of articles by Left Voice writers and guest contributors on police brutality, Black Lives Matter, and the U.S. prison system. The fury, and dynamism of this past year’s mobilizations have etched the faces and names of Sandra Bland, Freddie Gray, Tamir Rice, Walter Scott, Tyrone West, and many others into our memories. Often seen rallying under the slogan, “Black Lives Matter,” this movement shows the initiative and participation of black youth, queer, and trans people, and other communities of color that are subjected to police repression and some of the worst economic conditions. The new organization of black youth in particular and the growing resistance against police brutality raises important questions for the left and revolutionaries.

“We will continue to fight for your King Tamir”

“Chicago ‘Black Xmas’ Protests Demand Mayor Resigns”

“Minneapolis Protesters Take City Hall”

“Notes from ‘The Cut’: An American Prison”

“In Baltimore, the Fight for Justice Continues”

“For Renisha McBride and the Other Black Women Who Fight Back After Death”

“Thanks, But No Thanks: The Implications of the Black Lives Matter DNC Rejection” .

“BLM Protesters Dropped the Mic, Now Let’s Drop the Illusions

“Rhetoric vs Reality in Obama’s Prison Reform”

“No Place for Cops in Our Unions”

“The Charleston Massacre and the Uses of White Supremacy”

“The Struggle for Justice in Cleveland Continues”

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