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Left Voice

November 29, 2018
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Best Socialist Videos on the Web

Soon after we launched Left Voice, our videos were acclaimed for their high quality, straight-fowardness and sharp politics. Our videos feature workers’ struggles, mobilizations in defense of our rights and key battles against all kinds of oppression.

We were there with you marching on the streets for women’s rights:

We helped the campaign for union recognition at the Hilton Hotel in Stamford with videos like this one:

And we provided on-the-ground coverage of the Migrant Caravan marching for weeks to seek asylum in the U.S.:

Against the Current

We do not pretend to be unbiased. We are socialists, activists, workers, students and fighters. We are immigrants, queer, Black, youth, women. Our articles are written by workers in the class struggle, our videos give a voice to those who have been silenced. From Mexico to New York, Argentina, Germany, Los Angeles, DC, Brazil and many other cities our reporters are involved in the struggles.

We challenge the cops, capitalists, imperialists, bigots and bureaucrats without fear. We fight the Republicans and the Democratic Party politicians who continuously attack the working class and oppressed people. We are socialists in words and in action.

But there is only so much we can do without financial support. As an independent socialist media, we don’t run ads on our website and we do not (and will never) receive funds from any company or government. All contributors, members of the editorial board, photographers, correspondents and video editors work on a solidarity basis. Left Voice is, above all, a militant project.

Social media algorithms and mainstream media moguls block out dissenting voices. We are convinced that our perspective matters, and we want to elbow our way into the public arena of ideas.

A Stream of Militant, Left Voices

So we’re doubling down on videos. Beginning on January 2019, we are launching Left Voice Stream, a project that will increase the coverage of workers’ struggles and the many expression of our daily fight against capitalism.

Most importantly, we are launching a political education series on Marxism, socialist theory and revolutionary politics. We will address in a down-to-earth fashion questions like ‘What is socialism?’, ‘Why the working class?’ and ‘How socialists fight against gender, race and LGBTQ oppression’.

Support Left Voice

You can be part of this project in different ways. The simplest way to join our efforts is by giving us financial support. Any contribution will be very appreciated.

We need $5,000 to kick-start this project. Most of the money will go to the purchase of new equipment, payment of travel expenses and a small stipend for our main video editor, Luigi Morris so that he can work less and dedicate more time to Left Voice.

Your contribution is critical.

If you want to collaborate with Left Voice in some other way, please reach out to us at [email protected] We are always in need of: translators from different languages to English, copy editors, designers, video editors, photographers, filmmakers, etc.

And here’s some amazing perks for supporting us

If you donate $30 or more, you can choose one of our print publications: Left Voice Magazine 1, 2 or 3, or the book Gramsci and Trotsky, a Strategy for the Revolution in the West.

If you donate $50 or more, you can get a publication and a Left Voice T-shirt. See the different designs here:


All perks come with Left Voice stickers.

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Left Voice

Militant journalism, revolutionary politics.

Ideas & Debates

Neither NATO Nor Putin: An Anti-war Program for an Anti-war Protest

The following is a flier that Left Voice distributed at the March 18 rally in DC with the anti-war program we believe we must all take up.

Left Voice

March 19, 2023

Understanding the Global Context of the Ukrainian Conflict: A Response to Our Critics

The 2022 invasion of Ukraine and the massive rearmament of Europe that followed mark a new stage in a growing conflict that has become a proxy war between the imperialist states of the US and NATO on one side, and an emerging alliance between Russia and China on the other. While some on the Left see this new pole of Russia and China as a check against US imperialism, neither country is anti-imperialist, and neither has anything progressive to offer working people.

Jimena Vergara

March 16, 2023

Pro-NATO Positions Split a Trotskyist Tendency

The war in Ukraine has led to intense debates on the international socialist Left. In November, the Socialist Labor Party (SEP) of Turkey announced it was breaking with the Socialist Workers Movement (MST) of Argentina, in a serious blow to their common project, the International Socialist League (ISL-LIS). What can we learn from this split?

Nathaniel Flakin

March 10, 2023

Dossier: One Year of a Reactionary War in Ukraine

With the aim of developing an international perspective for working class intervention against the reactionary war in Ukraine, we publish this dossier. These articles engage with some of the key debates the war has opened on the Left, analysis on how the geopolitical crisis is developing, and the positions of our international tendency: the Trotskyist Fraction - Fourth International.

Left Voice

March 5, 2023


Despite Threats of Arrest, Refinery Workers in France Refuse to Break Strike

As energy strikes continue, France is faced with a kerosene shortage that’s creating an urgent situation at the country’s airports. With capitalist profits on the line, the government has attempted to force Normandy refinery workers back to work through an anti-strike legal weapon called requisitions. In their first victory, refinery workers forced the police to withdraw in an incredible demonstration of solidarity.

Nathan Erderof

March 24, 2023

“We Need Action Committees Everywhere”: Building the General Strike in France

Workers across France are organizing action committees to build a general strike to take down the Macron government and the Fifth Republic.

Arthur Nicola

March 24, 2023

What’s Behind Xi Jinping’s Visit to Moscow?

Chinese president Xi Jinping has visited Moscow for the first time since the beginning of the Ukraine war, in an effort to strengthen trade relations between the two countries.

Madeleine Freeman

March 23, 2023
Protesters gather during a demonstration on Place de la Concorde in Paris on March 17, 2023, the day after the French government pushed a pensions reform using the article 49.3 of the constitution. - French President's government on March 17, 2023 faced no-confidence motions in parliament and intensified protests after imposing a contentious pension reform without a vote in the lower house. Across France, fresh protests erupted in the latest show of popular opposition to the bill since mid-January.

Battle of the Pensions: Toward a Pre-Revolutionary Moment in France

President Macron's use of article 49.3 to push through an unpopular pension reform bill has opened up an enormous political crisis that has changed the character of the mobilizations against the French government. We are entering a "pre-revolutionary moment" that can change the balance of power between the classes in France.

Juan Chingo

March 21, 2023