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Mass Protests and Repression at G-20 Summit

The G-20 Summit began today, although police repression of protests began yesterday.

Left Voice

July 7, 2017
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The anti-G-20 march entitled “Welcome to Hell” was organized by various anti-capitalist groups, leftists and social movements across Europe. They began on Thursday and have continued today, the first day of the G-20 meeting of major world leaders.

In the past, G-20 summits around the world have been met with protests against capitalism, climate policies and globalisation. This G-20, held in Hamburg, Germany, takes on special meaning as protesters also speak out against Donald Trump, who is attending his first G-20 summit.

In preparation for the meeting, Hamburg has turned into a militarized city with unprecedented mechanisms for repression. There are 20,000 police, 30 helicopters, 185 dogs, 70 horses, water cannons, armored cars etc. On Friday, the police called on reinforcements, asking for even more police. The whole thing will cost at least 130 million euros (148 million dollars) of taxpayer money – and probably a lot more.



The police used water cannons and tear gas to repress the march against the G20, which formally begins on Friday.

A huge contingent of riot police stopped the march a little after it began on Thursday. Their only excuse was that some of the protesters were wearing hoodies and masks to hide their identities.



On Friday the protests resumed, with roadblocks across the city; thousands marched and trash cans and cars were set on fire. These protests forced Melania Trump to remain in her residence due to safety concerns. Trump, Putin, Merkel, May and other world leaders arrived early and have already begun the G-20 talks.


45 people have been arrested and 159 police have been injured.

Protesters organized sit ins, blocking roads across the city. One of the popular chants: “Capitalism Kills, Let’s Kill Capitalism.”


Once again, police used water cannons against sit ins. Protesters in many areas of the city have begun throwing rocks and bottles at the cops.

The battle in the streets will continue tomorrow, the second and last day of the G20 summit. It is expected to be the largest demonstration of the weekend, which the police are gearing up to repress. Regardless of whether those who took the streets in Hamburg are able to shut down the G-20 talks, these mobilizations demonstrate that there are tens of thousands who are willing to fight against the attacks organized by the capitalists and their governments.

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