Mexican GM Workers Send Solidarity to Striking GM Workers


Mexican GM workers and Mexican students sent solidarity with the ongoing GM strike.

Hearing that 50,000 workers of General Motors (GM) in the U.S. went on strike demanding wage increases, workers from the GM Silao complex in Guanajuato, a town in central Mexico, sent a letter in solidarity with the UAW strike. They are fighting against a series of layoffs and created a caucus called “Generating Movement” that fights for democracy within the union. This caucus wrote and voted on this letter in an assembly.

Also upon hearing about the GM strike, university students from the largest university in Latin America, the UNAM in Mexico City, took pictures in solidarity with the struggle.

This demonstrates that the interests of workers are the same, regardless of which country they’re from and in spite of borders and Trump’s infamous wall. Below is the letter from GM workers in Mexico, as well as the images of solidarity. 

Letter from Mexican GM Workers:

To the striking U.S. General Motors workers: 

On behalf of the General Motors workers at the Silao complex in Mexico, we express our solidarity in struggle. We are currently fighting for union democracy and for the reinstallation of several fired comrades. We want to express OUR SOLIDARITY with your struggle because it is also ours. We must fight against the abuses of the bosses and for our rights on both sides of the border.

We stand in solidarity with you because, like you, we believe that our conflicts with our bosses and our struggles  are the same; they are international.

We hope that your efforts are successful and that we will soon follow your example.

Silao, Guanajuato, Mexico
September 2019
General Motors

In Spanish:
A los trabajadores estadounidenses de General Motors en huelga: 

A nombre de los trabajadores de la General Motors, complejo Silao en México, que estamos peleando por democracia sindical y la reinstalacion de varios compañeros despedidos reciban un combativo saludo. Nos parece primordial expresarles NUESTRA SOLIDARIDAD en su lucha porque también es la nuestra. A los dos lados de la frontera debemos pelear contra los abusos de los patrones y por nuestros derechos.

Somos solidarios porque igual que ustedes creemos en la internacionalización de nuestros conflictos, toda vez que el patrón es el mismo y es una transnacional.

Deseamos todo el éxito en sus esfuerzos que sin duda serán ejemplo de lo que pronto estaremos haciendo en México.

Silao, Guanajuato, México
Septiembre de 2019
General Motors

Mexican Students in Solidarity with GM Workers:


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