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Mexico: Big assembly of the Socialist Workers Movement

Mexico: Big assembly of the Socialist Workers Movement On Saturday, May 24, after having gotten registration as a national political group (APN), before the National Electoral Institute (INE), the main local of the MTS was filled to the brim with a large number of young people and workers who participated in an exciting plenary session […]

Left Voice

June 2, 2014
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Mexico: Big assembly of the Socialist Workers Movement

On Saturday, May 24, after having gotten registration as a national political group (APN), before the National Electoral Institute (INE), the main local of the MTS was filled to the brim with a large number of young people and workers who participated in an exciting plenary session of the metropolitan area. In a heated debate, the question of obtaining the registration and what this victory was at the service of, was dealt with, a victory that was won after a big militant campaign that we workers, students, young people, women and sexual diversity activists promoted in the streets, the public squares, the schools, the workplaces, we who are now converging in this new organization of the socialist and revolutionary left, the Socialist Workers Movement [MTS], that is emerging as an alternative, facing the employers’ parties (PRI, PAN, PRD), and also facing those who propose themselves as an opposition within the regime and the capitalist system, like the MORENA. Based on this, why the MTS is fighting was discussed, and important political resolutions, that we present below, were passed. We are putting the registration of the MTS at the service of the workers’ and young people’s struggles. And, at the same time, with the perspective of putting Trotskyism on the offensive in Mexico and forging an anti-capitalist, socialist and revolutionary alternative for all those exploited, oppressed, and wronged by this repressive and exploitative regime. In addition, our struggle has an internationalist perspective: in the first place, unity with the migrants is important; showing solidarity at an international level with the workers’ struggles and making their efforts so that, on a world scale, a revolutionary organization of the workers will emerge.

The resolutions

Tribuna Socialista: At the service of the workers’ and people’ struggles

We decided on a big political campaign to carry the program and the political proposal of the MTS to broader groups of the workers and young people. To that end, our press will be printed with a massive print run and widely distributed at the entrances of workplaces, factories, schools and academic departments, in addition, opening its pages to receive reports and comments from workers and young people. In the pages of Tribuna Socialista, not only the analysis and the program of the MTS will be found, but also the intervention of the socialists and the expression of the leaders of the workers’ and people’s struggles.

Promoting Committees of the MTS on a national level

The national expansion of the MTS was addressed as a big challenge, through promoting Committees with young people and workers, inviting them to set up a socialist organization at a national level, that, in addition to intervening with revolutionary politics, facing the national and international reality, will fight for democratic rights, against the murder of women, crimes of hatred, repression and the criminalization of social protest, and will make all its efforts to forge within the workers’ movement, a socialist alternative that will struggle to overthrow this society based on exploitation. The new publication, Tribuna Socialista, is at the service of promoting the committees; it also has the objective of massively spreading our ideas.

International Solidarity Campaign with the workers in struggle at Honda, Jalisco

One of the main resolutions is to intensify the promotion of the campaign in solidarity with the workers of the United Honda Mexico Workers Union (STUHM), in struggle against the layoffs and for the right to get organized independently. Because the union bureaucracy, the government, and the bosses have been persecuting these comrades in struggle; because they know that if the STUHM wins, it would strengthen not only its own workers, but the entire western industrial belt. Recently, members of militant internal commissions of Argentina sent videos in solidarity with the Honda workers, together with many signatures of socialist deputies and city councillors, workers’ and student leaders. This campaign is being promoted by those of us who propose, in more than ten countries, the formation of an International Coordinating Committee of Workers’ Struggles, and that has already, in recent days, carried out an internationalist action in the DF of Mexico, in solidarity with the strikes at Panrico and Coca Cola in Spain, and now has become a part of the solidarity with the strike at Gestamp in Argentina, that we are also promoting from the MTS.

National Meeting of the Militant Youth (ENJC), June 14, Mexico City

As part of promoting the MTS, the plenary meeting reaffirmed the importance of the launch of the Meeting of Militant Youth [ENJC] for this June 14 in Mexico City, a big space for organization that will fight for young people against the plans of Peña Nieto and beside the workers’ struggles. Thus, it is very important to invite every collective, group or individual to participate in the ENJC, with the perspective of discussing how to contribute our energy and fighting spirit to build a big organization of young people that will be independent of the political regime and its parties, and that, with an anti-capitalist and revolutionary program, will be able to build a bridge among the current demands, like the struggle against the structural reforms, job uncertainty, repression and the murder of women, and for the right to education, and the questioning of the capitalist order; that will have as a perspective, the socialist revolution, and as a final goal, the struggle for a society without classes, without exploiters or exploited people, for a communist society.

Total repudiation of the repression suffered by the residents of San Bartolo Ameyalco!

From the MTS, it seems very important to us to express our solidarity with this struggle; the plenary meeting declared itself against the criminalization of protest, for the immediate release of all those arrested, and against the GDF’s wild attempt to plunder the inhabitants of San Bartolo Ameyalco. Stop the repression by the GDF, and Miguel Ángel Mancera! Immediate release of all those arrested! An answer to the just demands of the people of San Bartolo Ameyalco!

The goal of the MTS is communism

In this big metropolitan plenary session of the MTS, we discussed, in addition to a daring orientation to build this new organization of the socialist left, the most ambitious goals that we have as revolutionaries, that is, the construction of a communist society. 166 years ago, Marx and his comrade-in-arms Engels wrote the Manifesto of the Communist Party. This text had the aim of being a scientific and coherent program, a guide for the revolutionary action of the proletariat in its struggle for communism. The founders of Marxism defended the idea that, for revolutionaries, communism is not “an ideal blueprint of society,” but a living, real tendency of the motion and development of the productive forces. We communists of today, like Marx and his twentieth-century successors, in the first place, Lenin and Trotsky, think that capitalist development itself has created the objective conditions for a possibility to reduce the time of necessary work that humanity spends to satisfy its material needs, and, at the same time, we think that the working class and the class struggle itself, have created the possibility of ending the exploitation of wage-earning labor and every form of oppression. Communism does not limit itself only to a new distribution of labor among individuals, but, through the development of science and technology, it resolves to reduce essential labor to the minimum, until it represents an insignificant portion of the activities of human beings, with the result that it will be possible for the human being to be able to devote his vital energy to creative leisure, to science, art and culture. At the same time, with the eradication of the yoke of private ownership and the thirst for profit over the productive forces, it will be possible to create sustainable industry, in harmony with the environment. But a society where social classes, money and the state do not exist, will only be possible by destroying the current state of affairs. That is, by overthrowing the capitalist state and nationalizing all of the productive forces under control of the workers’ organizations of direct democracy, setting up a transitional state that will lay the foundation for the way for the destruction, once and for all, of the exploitation of man by man, which cannot take place on a national scale, but requires the destruction of capitalism on a world scale. This perspective is diametrically opposed to the experience of Stalinism, that constructed the lie that socialism could be built in a single country, set up a bureaucratic dictatorship by expropriating the power of the workers’ councils, and eradicated the internationalist tradition that characterized revolutionary Marxism. In the MTS, we think that the banners of communism, now distorted and bastardized by the Stalinist experience, must again fly among the world working class. For that we fight, and for that reason, we invite you to join our ranks.

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