Mexico: Big political–cultural event of the Socialist Workers Movement

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  • November 21, 2013

Workers, young people, sexual diversity activists, activists from the women’s movement and students call for setting up a new Left, of the workers and the youth, in Mexico.

On Saturday, November 9, the presentation of the Socialist Workers Movement (MTS), an initiative that the LTS is promoting, along with other collectives, independent workers and students, took place in the headquarters of the Workers Union of the Autonomous University of Mexico (SITUAM). The approximately 250 people present listened to the opening speech by Macrina Medina, a basic education teacher, a member of Local 9 of the teachers in struggle against the education reform; she emphasized that the teachers’ struggle has not yet ended and that it is necessary to reorganize the forces and back the national education strike. Farid Reyes spoke next, for the Anti-capitalist, Socialist and Revolutionary Youth; he stressed that in the MTS, young people have a space in which to get organized and struggle, as part of binding their destiny to that of the working class. Comrade Carlos, a member of the Union of Telephone Workers of the Mexican Republic, also participated, to explain that the energy reform can only be stopped by the fist of the working class, with an independent and militant perspective, overcoming the conservatism and powerless policy of the opposition union leaderships.

With much enthusiasm, the audience welcomed the videotaped greeting from Christian Castillo, a socialist Deputy for the Front of the Left and the Workers in Argentina, elected for the Province of Buenos Aires and a leader of the PTS. Greetings were also received from the Revolutionary Strategy League of Brazil; they also greeted the speech of Gonzalo, a former political prisoner from June 10 and a young sexual diversity militant, and that of Ivette, a student in the Department of Political and Social Sciences, in the name of the women’s group Bread and Roses.

In conclusion, Sergio Moissens, a teacher at UNAM and a promoter of the MTS, emphasized that this organization that we are promoting, unlike and in opposition to the employers’ parties, seeks to raise a political perspective for the victory of the struggles of working people and youth. He also explained the difference that exists with other opposition forces, like MORENA, and he set out the restrictive character of the election laws, that limit the right of the workers’ organizations to participate in the big decisions of national life. He called for promoting the struggle against Enrique Peña Nieto’s structural reforms, with the unity of workers, the people and the students, and for carrying out a big campaign in solidarity with the teachers and in opposition to handing over PEMEX to the transnational corporations and their local partners. He also called for getting organized in the work centers, the schools, the university departments and the neighborhoods, to promote the MTS and support the big campaign for its legal recognition as a national political party.

The participation of unionized workers, and those facing job uncertainty, from different plants of the Federal District and the State of Mexico, was notable, as was that of student teachers that have led a big struggle, who sent a greeting to the event through comrade Sulem. This, along with the workers and students who spoke, shows that we who are promoting this Left of the workers and militant young people, have actively participated in the struggles of the most recent period, and we want to redouble the efforts to build the socialist and revolutionary alternative necessary to confront the employers’ parties and their plans of hunger, poverty and repression. Members of collectives and organizations of Guerrero, Chihuahua and Guanajuato, shared the event, and members of the December 1 Coordinating Committee, and of several political organizations, were also present. Finally, those present sang the international workers’ anthem, the Internationale, to start with the artistic participation, in solidarity, of Jorge Piña, Oveja Negra y Taller del Sur.

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