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No to any “Agreement” with the EU–IMF Blackmailers

End the phony Negotiation BREAK NOW with the EU and the Euro – The EU/Eurozone and the IMF dropped the masks. Despite the multiple (and painful) retreats of the government, they don’t accept any “compromising” agreement, but only what they dictate 100% themselves: brutal austerity and fiscal “adjustment” – new cuts of wages and pensions […]

Left Voice

July 1, 2015
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End the phony Negotiation
BREAK NOW with the EU and the Euro

The EU/Eurozone and the IMF dropped the masks. Despite the multiple (and painful) retreats of the government, they don’t accept any “compromising” agreement, but only what they dictate 100% themselves: brutal austerity and fiscal “adjustment” – new cuts of wages and pensions – strict meeting of all “obligations”… new Memorandums here and now.

There is no solution inside the EU/Eurozone – they are usurers, financial killers, imperialist blackmailers! They want everything to go on “as it was before”, indifferent of the greek people’s destruction. For them, the will we expressed (with our struggles and vote) to move on an alternative way, are… a “deviation” and a “communism”(!) that must be ruthlessly crashed! They organize sadistically the suffocation and paralysis of the greek economy. They blackmail, threaten, provoke. They want to frighten and terrorize the greek people, bring us to our knees and humiliate us, bury the popular victory of 25th January. In order to save their “preferred” political staff, the memorandum forces that are threatened and collapsing all across Europe. THEY SHALL NOT PASS!

Loyally standing on their side is the local “5th Column”. The big capital and “black market” capitalists, who want to keep the memorandum regime indefinitely. The mass media of deception and fraud, the fierce pro–memorandum persons and “experts”, the “collaborators” of ND–PASOK–River, who (in order to save their miserable political existence) want to nail again the workers and the poor popular strata in the cross of the Memorandums.

The developments show the failure and impass of SYRIZA’s strategy (the few measures it voted are nothing compared to the popular needs). The government shows not to accept the last brash ultimatum of the creditors – but it’s its own constant retreats and “negotiations” that have unleashed their unlimited hostility: The shameful agreement of 20th February, where it nearly totally succumbed to the creditors. – The governmental suggestion for “agreement”, in which it accepts well know neoliberal, even memorandum type measures (privatizations, VAT increase, increase in the “solidarity taxation” on salaries, rise of pension age limit to 67 years, keeping intact the “real estate tax” falling on the shoulders of small family house owners etc.). The timely payment of the usurers (giving away billions belonging to the people). The cowardness e.g. to restore the minimum wage and the collective bargains, the tax free income limit of 12.000 euros etc. – thus, abandoning its mild “Salonica program” and its programmatic declarations. And above all: its non–clear line, secrets councils, the calming down and illusions it has been spreading for the supposedly “european partners”, for the “institutions” and its unprincipled alliances.

Neither Memorandums Nor “Agreements”


– There is no turning back to the Memorandums for us! Struggle everywhere to uproot them! Cancel all privatizations – Nationalizations under workers’ control (of the banks etc.). Cancel all antipopular heavy taxes – For a heavy taxation of the capital and the rich. Reinstate now all those who were laid off. Restore the losses in wages and pensions. Immediate restoration of the minimum wage and the collectice contracts. Dismantle the memorandum “emergency state”.

– Not a penny more to the usurers. Stop Paying – Cancel the Debt. Money for our needs (hospitals, schools, social services, public investment etc.).

– These is no “honorable compromise” or “mutually beneficial agreement”. For us, there is only respect to the struggle and the vote of the workers’ and the youth, i.e. their will to break with the memorandums. Staying in the EU/Eurozone means Memorandums for ever, becoming serfs and a “debt colony”. Out now of the Euro and the EU.

On to take things in our own hands – based on our strength, not on the governmental dead–ends and illusions (which may hide further concessions ahead…). It’s with struggles that we brought down the Samaras–Venizelos junta – now, a new wave of struggles is needed! To win over the creditors, to bury the promemorandum forces once and for all – to create a real hope, a Workers’ Government, imposing our right everywhere.


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