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#NotWithThem: Students, workers and legislators from Argentina join the campaign

Militants of the Partido de los Trabajadores Socialistas (Workers’ Socialist Party – PTS) in the Left and Workers’ Front, sent us their pictures with the reasons why they do not support Hillary or Trump.

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As election day draws near and the race between Clinton and Trump tightens, the whole world is watching the US elections. The elections in one of the most prominent imperialist nations are central to international politics and have international ramifications, deciding what countries will be bombed, which coups will be supported, which Presidents will be ousted and how many immigrants will be deported.

Argentina knows the effects of US intervention first hand. The CIA backed military dictatorship that killed an estimated 30,000 people.Throughout the 90’s, the US dominated IMF oversaw cuts to education and health care as well as privatization of state run companies, such as nationalized oil and railways.The intervention of US corporations continues to be a reality today: from Chevron’s purchase of the largest oil reserve to Monsanto’s new Seed Pact that would lead to a dramatic reduction of jobs. Under President Macri, Argentina has opened the market to foreign capital, particularly to US capital, which will make billions off of speculation.

These policies will continue to thrive under a Clinton or Trump administration. This is why militants from the Socialist Workers Party (Partido de Trabajadores Socialistas) are joining the #NotWithThem campaign. From workers to students to political leaders, these Argentinians are not with Clinton or Trump. Unlike both Clinton and Trump— and even Sanders, PTS politicians get the same salary as a teacher and donate the rest to workers’ struggles. Check out the reasons why PTS militants are #NotWithThem

Send Left Voice a pic saying why you are #NotWithThem.

Raul Godoy, legislator from the Province of Neuquén, Argentina, for the Left and Workers’ Front and PTS. Zanon Worker.


Noelia Barbeito and Macarena Escudero, legislators from the Province of Mendoza, Argentina, for the Left and Workers’ Front and PTS.

#NotWithThem because we are not their backyard


Laura Vilches, legislator from the Province of Córdoba, Argentina, for the Left and Workers’ Front and PTS.

#NotWithThem because they represent the capitalist class


Students of the School of Social Sciences, University of Buenos Aires, and of the PTS youth

#NotWithThem because both deny rights for immigrants, because both are imperialists and because Black Lives Matter


Students of the School of Philosophy and Literature, University of Buenos Aires, and of the PTS youth.

#NotWithThem because both deny rights for immigrants and because #BlackLivesMatter


Workers from Pompeya, Buenos Aires, Argentina, and of the PTS Youth.

#NotWithThem. We are with Black Lives Matter, the women and the workers. We need a workers party!


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Gloria Grinberg

Gloria is a teacher from Buenos Aires, an editor of the international section of our sister site La Izquierda Diario in Argentina and a member of the Party of Socialist Workers (PTS).


Tatiana Cozzarelli

Tatiana is a former middle school teacher and current Urban Education PhD student at CUNY.

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