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Our Candidates

Christian Castillo, for MP, Buenos Aires province Castillo is a sociologist and a lecturer in the Buenos Aires University and in the University of La Plata. He is a leading member of PTS (Partido de los Trabajadores Socialistas / Socialist Workers’ Party). He is the author of “La izquierda frente a la Argentina kirchnerista” (The […]

Left Voice

August 10, 2013
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Christian Castillo, for MP, Buenos Aires province

Castillo is a sociologist and a lecturer in the Buenos Aires University and in the University of La Plata. He is a leading member of PTS (Partido de los Trabajadores Socialistas / Socialist Workers’ Party). He is the author of “La izquierda frente a la Argentina kirchnerista” (The Left in the Kirchner Era] and is the coordinator of the “Karl Marx – Soclalist Ideas” Institute). In 2011 he was candidate for the vice presidency for the FIT and in the coming election he is standing as a deputy for Buenos Aires province.

Myriam Bregman, for MP, Buenos Aires province

Bregman is a lawyer, a founding member of the Centro de Profesionales por los Derechos Humanos (CeProDH- Association of Professionals for the defense of Human Rights), and of the prosecutor lawyers in the trials against senior Argentine police officer Miguel Etchecolatz (member of the 76’ militar coup), priest Christian Von Wernich, Febrés and in the case known as the ESMA (Naval Mechanics School) in Buenos Aires. Bregman also represented Julio López – a witness against the military junta who is currently disappeared – in the trial against Etchecolatz. She accused the Guardia National of surveillance against workers at the Kraft factory, known as Proyecto X.

Claudio Dellecarbonara, for the Higher House

Dellacarbonara works in the Buenos Aires underground since 1995. He is a trade union representative since 2004 and has been recently re-elected for a new term. He is also a well-know activists in the struggles against dismissals, for the defence of the 6-hour working day, and for getting the outsourced staff on permanent contracts. He is the founder of the rank-and-file trade union current “Democracia Desde las Bases”.

Andrés Blanco, for MP, Neuquén

A Zanon worker, Andrés Blanco is the former Deputy Secretary of the fighting Ceramics’ Union in Neuquén province (SOECN). He says: “Let’s finish with the millionaire politicians. No member of parliament or state official should earn more than a teacher” .

Andrea D’Atri, for Deputy, Buenos Aires

Andrea has founded the women’s’ activist group “Pan y Rosas” (Bread and Roses) and is a well-known defender of women’s Rights. She is the author of the books “Pan y Rosas. Pertenecia de Género y antagonismo de clase en el capitalismo”,and “Luchadoras. Historia de mujeres que hicieron historia”, and of several articles on the same topic. She has given lectures and seminars about Marxism and Feminism in Latin America and Europe. “We will keep on fighting to defend women’s abortion rights. Let´s develop a women´s movement that fights for our rights”.

Hernán “Bocha” Puddu, for MP, Córdoba province

A former trade union representative at FIAT Iveco plant, in 2009 Bocha organised the struggle against the layoff of more than 300 contract workers at the plant. For this reason he was fired from the company with the complicity of the right-wing Union Leaders of SMATA, who in turned expelled him for the union.

Octavio Crivaro, for MP, Santa Fé

A former president of the Students’ Union of the University of Buenos Aires, at present Crivaro works in the offices of ANSES (Social Security Department) in Rosario City.
Nicolás del Caño, MP for Mendoza

Nicolás del Caño

Nicolás del Caño was candidate for Governor for the FIT in 2011, when he achieved a good electoral results. He is a very well-know activist of the students’ movement and among the youth and the left in Mendoza province.

Alejandro Vilca, for MP, Jujuy province
Vilca Works in the Council of Jujuy as a refuse collector.

Azul Zorzoli – Juan Luis Véliz, for MPs, in Tucumán province
Zorzoli is a teacher and a researcher at the CONICET (National research center). Juan Veliz is a teacher in further education.

Ana Laura Lastra, for councillor in Buenos Aires city

Ana Laura Lastra is a rank-and-file representative in the National Office of Statistics ATE-INDEC and is a very well-known activist in the struggle against the intervention ordered by the government when it was accused of fiddling with the figures.

Translated by Gloria Grinberg

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