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Workers’ struggles batter Mubarak’s government

Sunday, April 6, a general strike against the [price] rise in bread, the increasing cost of living, and in favor of wage raises took place, called by the textile sector workers, especially the combative Ghazl al-Mahala factory, and oppositional groups. In several of the demonstrations, slogans against the reactionary Hosni Mubarak regime were chanted. According […]

Left Voice

May 18, 2008

The founding of the State of Israel

On May 14, the State of Israel celebrated 60 years of existence. On May 15, the Palestinian people commemorated 60 years since the “Nakba,” the catastrophe that produced the State of Israel by expropriating lands held by Palestinians for a thousand years and expelling a million people into exile. At the end of the eighteenth […]

Left Voice

May 16, 2008

After the victory of the “Cavalier”

For the third time since 1994, Berlusconi is getting ready to take office as Premier. At the head of a parliamentary coalition formed by his historic allies, the “post-fascist” Fini, now a member of the new party of Italian right-wingers, People of Freedoms (PdL), and Umberto Bossi, from the ultra-racist Northern League, that got very […]

Left Voice

May 11, 2008

New workers’ struggles: a rapidly spreading fire

The rapid erosion of democratic-bourgeois legitimacy, its institutions and a ruling class sunk in scandals of corruption and fiscal fraud, is framed by a dizzying growth of wage inequality and an increase in inflation that does not appear to be stopping. The government, pressured by the bourgeoisie to increase the policy of making employment uncertain, […]

Left Voice

May 4, 2008

After five years of war

The neo-conservative disaster of the occupation of Iraq March 20 this year marked five years since the beginning of the war and occupation of Iraq. US President George Bush recalled this anniversary with a speech in front of military personnel, in which he stated that this was a “noble, necessary and just war” and emphasized […]

Left Voice

April 26, 2008

Revolt in Haiti

UN blue helmets of Cristina, Lula and Tabaré, out! Stop the repression against the Haitian people! Since April 3 massive mobilizations have been taking place in Haiti, in different points of the country, against the increase in the prices of basic foods. Spontaneous mobilizations that had begun in the southern city of Les Cayes were […]

Left Voice

April 24, 2008

The nationalization of the Techint steel mill

After 9 strikes so far in 2008 and after suffering harsh repression from the Guardia Nacional, the workers of Venezuela achieve a first victory In the early morning of Wednesday, April 9, after the failed negotiations about the demands of the workers for a fair collective agreement, the Vice President of Venezuela, Ramón Carrizales, announced […]

Left Voice

April 13, 2008

Cuba after Fidel

On February 19, Fidel Castro formally gave up the Presidency of Cuba in a letter published in the official daily paper Granma, a post that he had temporarily left in July 2006, after a severe health problem. Since then, his brother Raúl Castro has been exercising actual leadership of the island, together with other prominent […]

Left Voice

February 24, 2008

Down with the siege of Gaza!

For more than a week, the State of Israel has closed all the crossing points that connect the Gaza Strip with the rest of the territory and suspended the supplying of energy, water, fuel, food and medicines, leaving the Palestinian population of 1.5 million people on the brink of disaster. On January 23, around half […]

Left Voice

February 10, 2008