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Elections in Argentina: The Left and Workers’ Front won three parliamentary seats

Elections in Argentina: Historic results of the Left and Workers’ Front The Left and Workers’ Front (FIT in Spanish) won three national deputies: one MP in Mendoza province, one MP in Buenos Aires province and the third MP in Salta province. It also obtained eight provincial legislators, in addition to the ones elected in Neuquén […]

Left Voice

October 28, 2013

Workers’ Leftist Front takes three seats in Lower House

The Workers’ Leftist Front (FIT) secured historic victories yesterday, winning its first three seats in the Lower House of Congress and securing spots for provincial lawmakers. In Salta, the front finished second in the Lower House election and put in a strong showing in Buenos Aires City and in the provinces of Buenos Aires, Mendoza, […]

Left Voice

October 28, 2013

A last-minute agreement to buy time

A scene that is beginning to be repeated: During a countdown, on the verge of taking the US to a default, because of reaching the legally allowed upper limit of issuing debt, Democrats and Republicans arrive at a precarious agreement that kicks the discussion on the debt ceiling up to February 7. Yesterday, hours before […]

Left Voice

October 25, 2013

The government of the United States, brought to a standstill

On October 1, the US federal government had to close a large part of its offices, for lack of funds to operate, after the House of Representatives of the Congress, where the Republican Party has a majority, rejected the budget for the current fiscal year and refused to approve even temporary resolutions, that would allow […]

Left Voice

October 8, 2013

Political election manifesto of the Left and Workers’ Front

The 2013 legislative elections are taking place in the context of tendencies towards a crisis as a whole, in the framework of the end of the cycle of rule by the Kirchners, set up to divert the 2001 popular rebellion. On the economic plane, tendencies towards a new debt crisis are being exhibited, after having […]

Left Voice

October 7, 2013

Bolivia: MAS wants to defeat the Huanuni workers

On Saturday 21 September an important assembly of workers from the mining district of Huanuni was held, which decided to accept the resignation of the top three COB trade union leaders and to choose an electoral committee which in the briefest time period possible must organize new trade union elections. This decision is the result […]

Left Voice

October 6, 2013

Government Shutdown in the imperialist US

After the government shutdown, more than 800,000 federal workers are immediately furloughed and over a million more will work without pay. Offices that provide important social services and National Parks and museums will be closed. Depending on its duration, the shutdown could cost billions to the US economy. Goldman Sachs estimates that this shutdown would […]

Left Voice

October 2, 2013

Greece: Anti-nazi activist murdered in the street by Golden Dawn

Pavlos Fissas, 34 years old, an anti-fascist activist and well-known local hip hop musician, was brutally murdered by a supporter of the fascist group Golden Dawn. In the early morning of September 17, Pavlos met a group of friends in the working-class neighborhood of Keratsini, when he was stabbed, during an attack on them by […]

Left Voice

September 24, 2013

The struggle of the Mexican teachers continues

On Friday, September 13, the teachers’ camp in the Mexico City Zócalo was violently evacuated, with the toll of many teachers and young people injured and more than thirty people arrested. The repression coordinated by the PRI federal government and the PRD Mexico City government aroused a broad democratic movement of repudiation against repression, while […]

Left Voice

September 23, 2013