Solidarity with Oklahoma Teachers

For the past week, Oklahoma teachers staged a walkout in defense of public education. Their primary demand is the full funding for education.
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  • April 9, 2018

“A teacher striking is also teaching.”

Just as the West Virginia teachers did last month, Oklahoma educators are teaching an entire generation about how workers’ rights are achieved through struggle. Students and families all across Oklahoma have responded with massive support. The Oklahoma City Capitol has been the epicenter of massive mobilizations by teachers, students, and families that are united under the banner “Fund Education Now.”

As of today, the Oklahoma State Congress has not responded to the teachers’ demands. The struggle is heading into its second week, and the media has already begun its campaign to divide public opinion against the teachers by interviewing parents that are “worried” about the walkout extending for more days or creating online polls as if the massive mobilizations weren’t enough evidence of the overwhelming popular support the teachers. Yet, even these polls demonstrate massive support for teachers- 70% after a five day walkout.

Meanwhile, instead of acting promptly to meet the demands to increase funding for education, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin has made public comments against the teachers, comparing them to “teenage kid[s] that want a better car.” As the struggle continues, it is vital to prevent the struggle in Oklahoma from becoming isolated and to ensure it has a strong connection to broader struggles.

That’s why Left Voice is putting forth a national and international solidarity campaign with the Oklahoma teachers. We are asking teachers and teachers unions across the U.S. and around the globe to send their messages of solidarity to the teachers in Oklahoma. We must support them and encourage them to continue their struggle without backing down — to maintain their walkout until their demands are met.

We are convinced that if the Oklahoma teachers win their demands, it will empower teachers and their unions across the US to fight for their own demands. Send your photos and videos showing your support for the Oklahoma teachers via email to [email protected] or via FB or Twitter with the hashtag #OklahomaTeachersMustWin

We at Left Voice have been working to support and spread the word about this historic struggle. See our coverage here and here and check our videos in Facebook


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