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Solidarity with the Non-Citizen!

Tens of thousands of migrants who have seen themselves forced from their countries of origin because of war, political activism, discrimination, poverty etc., continue to have to endure discrimination and repression by the German authorities. For political reason, the German authorities deny or delay thousands of asylum requests per year. Instead, the refugees are forced […]

Left Voice

September 8, 2013
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Tens of thousands of migrants who have seen themselves forced from their countries of origin because of war, political activism, discrimination, poverty etc., continue to have to endure discrimination and repression by the German authorities. For political reason, the German authorities deny or delay thousands of asylum requests per year. Instead, the refugees are forced to live in overcrowded internment camps in miserable conditions, with minimal rights and under the constant threat of attack by neo-fascist groups. The German government spends millions each year to maintain these camps instead of granting asylum to all those who request it. All the while, it is also Germany which, next to countries like the US, France and others are, due to exploitation and military interventions, highly responsible for the situations that make the flight necessary in the first place.

Because of this, refugees in different cities have said: “It’s enough!” With a struggle in the streets they demand that which the government has denied them so far: the unconditional granting of their asylum requests, the stop of all deportations, the abolition of the so-called “Residenzpflicht” (obligation to stay in the same place) and the close-down of all camps for asylum-seekers.

In Berlin and other cities they made their demands public with protest marches, hunger strikes and the occupation of public space. In Munich, refugees who call themselves non-citizens wanted to make themselves heard with a dry hunger strike which was suppressed quickly by the police.

But despite this repression, the non-citizens in Munich continue to resist. After a two-week long protest march through Bavaria, on September 3rd they sought the help of the German Confederation of Trade Unions (DGB) because they see themselves as part of the international working class and their struggle as a class struggle. In light of the peril of new repression they decided to seek shelter in the DGB building in Munich and demand solidarity for their demands from the German trade unions (1).

We, the signatory groups and individuals, declare our complete solidarity with the non-citizen struggle and demand the immediate fulfillment of each and every one of their demands. At the same time we indignantly repudiate any attempts to criminalize and repress their struggle.

The most elementary step of solidarity is the unconditional opening of all trade union buildings to the non-citizens who seek shelter there. But because the situation of the non-citizens cannot be separated from the precarious living conditions of many migrants, young people, women and workers which continue to deteriorate in the crisis, in our opinion it is the duty of the German trade unions to take up the non-citizen struggle as their own. The working class has no borders, and the struggle for their most underprivileged parts is utterly necessary to overcome the separation of the working class. Today, we fight for solidarity with the non-citizens, tomorrow we have to fight together against precarization.

Therefore we especially call upon the trade unions, but also all left-wing groups and individuals, for active solidarity with this struggle, in order to construct bridges between the various struggles of refugees and non-citizens and the various sectors of the population that permanently struggle for their rights, against discrimination, for dignified work and better living conditions. Only the broadest solidarity in the streets will make possible the fulfillment of their demands.

Signatories so far


AK Gewerkschaften MünchenRetour ligne automatique
Klassenkämpferischer Block BerlinRetour ligne automatique
LabourNet GermanyRetour ligne automatique
Perspektivistische StrömungRetour ligne automatique
Refugeestruggle.orgRetour ligne automatique
Red BrainRetour ligne automatique
Revolutionäre Internationalistische OrganisationRetour ligne automatique
Sozialistische Initiative Berlin (SIB)Retour ligne automatique
Waffen der Kritik

Gruppe Offene Liste bei den Berliner Verkehrsbetrieben (BVG)Retour ligne automatique
Ekin Karaduman – Mitglied Landesmigrationsausschuss ver.di BerlinRetour ligne automatique
Erdoğan Kaya – Vorsitzender Landesmigrationsausschuss ver.di Berlin

Stephan Bosch, Leipziger FriedenspreisträgerRetour ligne automatique
Nele S.Retour ligne automatique
Garnet BräunigRetour ligne automatique
Zineb BräunigRetour ligne automatique
Dominic BoampongRetour ligne automatique
Martin BoampongRetour ligne automatique
Christina BoampongRetour ligne automatique
Brigitte KöhnRetour ligne automatique
Anne KöhnRetour ligne automatique
Philip KöhnRetour ligne automatique
Christoph KöhnRetour ligne automatique
Eva NorrenbrockRetour ligne automatique
Werner KoppRetour ligne automatique
Aslan YilmazRetour ligne automatique
Döndü Su-YilmazRetour ligne automatique
Nasri GulledRetour ligne automatique
Cellou DialloRetour ligne automatique
Ardiana HoxhaRetour ligne automatique
Dennis CieplinskiRetour ligne automatique
Jill KugenerRetour ligne automatique
Carla KüffnerRetour ligne automatique
Max Berkenheide


Javier Hermosilla -Lorena Gentile- de la Comisión Interna de Kraft TerrabusiRetour ligne automatique
Natalio Navarrete –secretario adjunto del Sindicato de Obreros y Empleados Ceramistas de Neuquén (SOECN)Retour ligne automatique
Eduardo Ayala y Hugo Padula de la Comisión Interna Gráfica Donneley (ex- Atlántida)Retour ligne automatique
Raúl Godoy – ex Secretario General de SOECN y obrero de Zanon.Diputado provincial de Neuquén.Retour ligne automatique
Pablo Silvestri y Oscar Zunzunegui-.delegados de Coca Cola de ArgentinaRetour ligne automatique
Juan Contrisciani – delegado Astillero Río SantiagoRetour ligne automatique
Leonardo Norniella y Catalina Balaguer – miembros de la Comisión Interna de Pepsico SnacksRetour ligne automatique
Franco Villalba- Delegado de la Comisión Interna de Alicorp (ex Jabón Federal)Retour ligne automatique
Claudio Dellecarbonara delegado línea B de Subterráneos Buenos AiresRetour ligne automatique
Víctor Ottoboni-delegado de FATE (Sindicato del Neumático)Retour ligne automatique
Carlos Artacho – delegado de FOETRA Buenos Aires (telefónicos)Retour ligne automatique
Carlos Platkovsky y Eduardo Saab – miembros del Cuerpo de Delegados de APA (aeronáuticos) de LAN Argentina.Retour ligne automatique
Ana Laura Lastra- de la Junta Interna del INDECRetour ligne automatique
Bárbara Acevedo – de la Junta Interna del Hospital GarrahanRetour ligne automatique
Ernesto Bustos-Luana Simioni – de la Junta Interna de IOMA La PlataRetour ligne automatique
Lorena Timko- de la Junta Interna Desarrollo Social La Plata.Retour ligne automatique
Graciela Frañol y Yazmin Muñoz– dirigentes de ATEN Neuquén (docentes)Retour ligne automatique
Carlos Musante, César Gomez, Gabriela Macauda,– dirigentes docentes SUTEBA (docentes -Pcia. de Buenos Aires)Retour ligne automatique
Ernesto González -miembro de Cooperativa Chilavert-imprenta recuperada y gestionada por sus trabajadores.Retour ligne automatique
Luis Schurer delegado Hospital PosadasRetour ligne automatique
Leandro Sorribas (delegado junta interna RUB, Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires)Retour ligne automatique
Gustavo de Biase (delegado Vialidad Nacional)Retour ligne automatique
Pablo Guidazio delegado de PAMI.Retour ligne automatique
Christian Castillo (Partido de los Trabajadores Socialistas)Retour ligne automatique
Myriam Bregman (CEPRODH)Retour ligne automatique
Andrea D’Atri (Agrupación de Mujeres Pan y Rosas)


Ivan Ubico Guerrero, delegado sindical de CGT en TelepizzaRetour ligne automatique
Asier Ubico Guerrero, delegado sindical de CGT en TelepizzaRetour ligne automatique
Jorge Calderón Franco, profesor de secundaria y militante de Marea Verde AragónRetour ligne automatique
Mario Olguin , representante estudiantil de la Junta de Facultad de Filosofía y Letras (UZ)Retour ligne automatique
Clase contra Clase (Estado español)Retour ligne automatique
Agrupación de mujeres Pan y Rosas (Estado español)Retour ligne automatique
Sindicato de Estudiantes de Izquierdas (Estado español)


Alfredo Chaves, Secretario Ejecutivo Sindicato de Trabajadores de SABSA (Servicio de aeropuertos Bolivianos)Retour ligne automatique
Elio Aduviri, Delegado de seccionRetour ligne automatique
Mario Martines, Secretario Ejecutivo del Partido de Trabajadores


Diana Assunção, Claudionor Brandão, Pablito Santos, Domenico Colacicco, diretores do Sintusp (Sindicato de Trabalhadores da Universidade de São Paulo)

(Angaben der Funktion dienen nur der Kenntlichmachung der Personen)

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