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Abortion Rights

Trans Men Also Need Free and Legal Abortions

Abortion isn't just a women's rights issue. Trans men and non binary folks also get abortions. Argentine socialist Tomas Mascolo writes about his experience getting an abortion.

Tomás Máscolo

August 8, 2018

Lessons from the Struggle for Abortion Rights in Argentina

What can we learn from the fight for the right to an abortion as socialist feminists?

Madeleine Freeman

August 8, 2018

The World Shows Solidarity With Argentina’s Abortion Rights Movement

There are mobilizations all over the world planned in solidarity with Argentina's abortion rights movement.

Left Voice

August 7, 2018

[VIDEO] Fighting for Abortion Rights in the Streets of Argentina

We will be skyping with two socialist feminists from Argentina about how they have engaged in the struggle. Nathalia González Seligra is a member of Congress for the Left and Workers Front and a part of the Partido de Trabajadores Socialistas (Party of Socialist Workers). Andrea D'Atri is the founder of Pan y Rosas (Bread and Roses) the largest socialist feminist organization in Argentina, as well as a member of the PTS.

Left Voice

August 1, 2018

Argentine Socialists Fight for Abortion Rights in Congress and in the Streets

Left Voice interviews three socialists fighting for abortion rights in Argentina: a member of the National Congress, a member of Buenos Aires' city council and the founder of Argentina's largest socialist feminist group, Pan y Rosas.

Andrea D'Atri

July 4, 2018

Interview: Traveling Home to Repeal the 8th

Left Voice interviews two pro-choice activists who traveled to Ireland to vote to repeal the 8th Amendment.

Solidarity to the Defiant! A Thank You to the Argentine Abortion Rights Movement

Julia Wallace from Los Angeles reflects on the historic accomplishment of the Argentine women's movement, which is now a step closer to legalizing abortion.

Julia Wallace

June 15, 2018

[VIDEO] Historic step towards legalising abortion in Argentina

Despite the massive social and political weight of the Catholic Church, this morning the House of Representatives voted 129-125 to legalize abortion. Now, the vote will go to the Senate.

Left Voice

June 14, 2018

Argentina to Vote on Abortion Legalization Amid Mobilizations, School Occupations

On Wednesday, Argentina is set to vote on the legalization of abortion amidst massive mobilizations and high school occupations.

Gloria Grinberg

June 12, 2018