Abortion Rights

Police Severely Repress Feminists Demanding the Right to Abortion in Mexico

Thousands of women marched in demonstrations across Mexico on September 28 to demand the right to free, legal, and accessible abortion. The protests were harshly repressed by police forces deployed by local governments. In Mexico City, which is under the leadership of a “progressive” Mayor, the police outnumbered protesters 30 to one.

Women Across Europe Mobilize Against Gender-Based Violence and Neoliberalism

Hundreds of thousands of women across Europe participated in demonstrations against violence and economic oppression for International Women’s Day this year. These demonstrations took place in the context of incredible class struggle underway across the continent. Many of the mobilizations were subject to severe repression by the police, who fight to uphold the sexist and violent institutions of the state.

DSA Members Call for Mass Strike for Reproductive Justice

A proposed resolution urges the DSA to organize a nation-wide mass strike “when Roe v. Wade is challenged at the Supreme Court.” The resolution will be voted on at the DSA’s upcoming national convention. This could be the starting point for the kinds of mass actions needed to stop the right-wing offensive against reproductive rights.