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Seven years after the fall of Ben Ali, Tunisians continue to take to the streets

Since the beginning of the week, the protests in Tunisia have multiplied. The underlying reason is the austerity budget, announced on January 1 in a country already ravaged by the rise of precarious work and unemployment. In the last seven years, the economic situation has become progressively worse. Friday’s protests were smaller than those of the previous few days, but the police crackdown was just as brutal. More protests are planned for Sunday, the seventh anniversary of the fall of Ben Ali.

Sadek Basnacki

January 14, 2018

Labor Movement and the Left in South Africa

Peter Jacobs talks about the reconfiguration of the labor movement after NUMSA's break with the COSATU, the movement Fees Must Fall and challenges for the Left.

Left Voice

October 19, 2017

Political Crisis and the Role of the Left in South Africa

Today the South African Congress held a no-confidence vote to decide whether President Jacob Zuma should step down or not. The result of the vote was: 177 YES, 198 NO, 9 abstentions. This means that President Jacob Zuma stays in office. The following interview with Julian Sauls, member of APDUSA, was conducted a few weeks ago.

Left Voice

August 8, 2017

The Thought of Walter Rodney: How Europe Underdeveloped Africa

Why are African countries “underdeveloped”? And how did the imperialist plunder of the continent begin? Was slavery a product of racism?

Kofi Shakur

June 7, 2017