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Primary Elections: PTS Slate Leads the Left Front (FIT)

On Sunday, August 9, the national “open primaries” in Argentina came to a close. The Left and Workers’ Front (FIT) gained over 725 thousand votes, 3.3% of the national total. Slate 1A emerged as the leading slate within the FIT.

Juan C

August 13, 2015

Madygraf: Behind Every Worker is a Family

Author Wendy Goldman talks about her visit to Argentina and to the worker-controlled factory, Madygraf.

Wendy Z. Goldman

August 11, 2015

Bus Drivers of Line 60 defeat employer sackings and lock out

After a marathon 41 day struggle, the 1,200 bus drivers of the Line 60 bus service in Buenos Aires returned to work on August 5 after winning the reinstatement of fifty sacked workmates. This historic strike by the drivers, known as “choferes” in Argentina, successfully ‘twisted the arm’ of the triple alliance of bosses, government and the leadership of the Union Tranviarios Automotor (UTA - Tram Drivers Union) that was lined up against them.

Sean Robertson

August 11, 2015

ARGENTINA: Nicolás del Caño leads the primaries in the Left and Workers’ Front

Photo: La Izquierda Diario With nearly 80 % of the votes counted, the candidate for President Nicolas Del Caño (PTS, representing the slate Renovar y Fortalecer el Frente) is leading the primary election by 20,000 votes. The Left and Workers’ Front (FIT) got the 3.49 percent of the vote, surpassing the 1.5-percent primary threshold yesterday, […]

Left Voice

August 10, 2015

We don’t want to be a symbolic left, Nicolás del Caño from the Left and Workers’ Front (FIT)

The primaries are taking place this weekend in Argentina. Last Thursday, August 6, Nicolás del Caño, national congressman and running presidential candidate in today’s primary elections, gave a speech to close his electoral campaign.

Gloria Grinberg

August 9, 2015

What can we learn from the electoral alliance of Argentina’s revolutionary left?

Where does the success of the FIT come from and what will be debated in the upcoming primary elections?

Matías Maiello

July 18, 2015

Good results for the Left and Workers’ Front in Mayoral and Legislative Elections in Buenos Aires and Córdoba

The Left and the Workers’ Front adds a new legislator to the bench in Buenos Aires, and three seats in Cordoba.

Gloria Grinberg

July 7, 2015

Left and Workers’ Front: once again on the United Front

Debates within the Left and Workers’ Front (FIT) in Argentina.

Matías Maiello

July 4, 2015

Buenos Aires: In solidarity with the Greek workers and people

Thursday July 2, women, workers and youth gathered for the last rally of the Left and the Workers’ Front (FIT) in Buenos Aires City, before Sunday local elections. They showed support to the Greek workers and people.

Left Voice

July 3, 2015