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Bernie Sanders

Jacobin: From the “Dirty Break” to the Democratic Party

Socialists around Jacobin magazine and the DSA leadership have long rallied around Bernie Sanders and other progressive candidates of the Democratic Party. They used to claim this was in preparation for a "dirty break" with the Democrats. Increasingly, however, they are proclaiming loyalty to a bourgeois party, even as that party blocks the path to Sanders’ nomination.

Nathaniel Flakin

March 10, 2020

There’s No Hope for the Democratic Party. But We Can Still Win Medicare for All

Bernie Sanders had a terrible night on Super Tuesday. But, the fight for Medicare for All and other progressive reforms aren’t about electing Sanders. They will only be won if the working class and oppressed fight for them without putting faith in a Democratic Party in the service of the capitalists and a “democratic process” rigged in favor of the establishment.

Tatiana Cozzarelli

March 4, 2020

It’s Still Their Party (and Always Will Be)

Super Tuesday showed that while Bernie Sanders is still a strong candidate for the nomination, the Democratic Party still belongs to the establishment --- and that establishment pulled off a comeback for Joe Biden. Bernie Sanders’ attempts to reform the party from the inside are miscalculated and will end with them cheating him out of the nomination.

Ezra Brain

March 4, 2020

Biden’s South Carolina Win Breathes Life Into Democratic Party Establishment

Joe Biden’s impressive performance in South Carolina indicates that the field may have narrowed to just him and Bernie Sanders. As Super Tuesday approaches, the two candidates are fighting for control over their respective wings of the Democratic Party and it is still unclear which man will become the nominee --- or if Elizabeth Warren can act as a spoiler and force a contested convention.

Ezra Brain

March 2, 2020

How to Win Medicare for All? Call for a Nationwide Mobilization Now

A main talking point among moderate pundits is that Medicare for All is not politically feasible. A mass nationwide mobilization will show that a vast majority of people support it, and that the social force to win it is there.

Juan C

February 29, 2020

Bernie Sanders, Cuba and a Chance for Socialists

Bernie Sanders’ measured comments about Cuba have sent the liberal and not-so-liberal media into an anti-communist tailspin. What their comments reveal is not a fear of authoritarianism but the threat that socialism poses to capitalist interests.

Jimena Vergara

February 28, 2020

Sanders Has Become the Curse and the Hope of the Democratic Party

Sanders’s strong showing in Nevada worries the Democratic establishment. He represents a challenge as well as a boost to the Democratic Party.

Juan C

February 23, 2020

Bernie Sanders’ McGovern Problems

For mainstream Democrats, self-declared democratic socialist Bernie Sanders brings up haunting memories of George McGovern’s failed 1972 presidential campaign. What are the dynamics and the dangers of his candidacy?

Wayne Deluca

February 18, 2020

Technocrats Aren’t Socialists: Good Riddance, Andrew Yang

Andrew Yang has dropped out of the Democratic Party primary. How should socialists be making overtures to his base?

Renato Flores

February 17, 2020