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Bernie Sanders

We’ve been down this road before: Jesse Jackson, the Democrats and the left

The following article was originally published in Marxist Left Review. It discusses a recent historical example of the role of the Democratic Party in co-opting movements and the road that Sanderism is currently going down.

Nick Everett

February 11, 2020

Democrats Team Up With Trump to Maintain Disastrous Healthcare System

Both Republicans and Democrats have blocked all attempts to build a rational, universal health care policy for the U.S. This is because capitalism prioritizes profit over the health and well-being of the working class. Creating a truly just health care system will require moving beyond capitalism.

Mike Pappas

February 10, 2020

“Everyone Up Here Is United”: The Democratic Unity Debate

It has been a disastrous week for the Democrats. On Monday, the Iowa Caucus was riddled with controversy after partial results were not released until Tuesday afternoon. On Tuesday, Donald Trump towed the Republican Party line in his most right-wing State of the Union address yet. On Wednesday, the impeachment ended with a whimper as […]

Ezra Brain

February 8, 2020

Iowa and the Farce of American Democracy

The Iowa Caucus results reveal a Democratic party in crisis and show that democracy is just a buzzword for the Democrats.

Tatiana Cozzarelli

February 5, 2020

It’s Time for the Left to Build a Force Outside the Democratic Party

The unprecedented delay in the release of results from the Iowa caucuses is only the latest proof that the Democratic Party is bankrupt and no home for a socialist project.

Juan C

February 4, 2020

What a Bernie Sanders Presidency Would Really Look Like

As Sanders continues to outperform his rivals in the polls, it's increasingly possible that the senator from Vermont could actually win the Democratic Primary and even the general election. But what would a Sanders presidency look like? And what challenges and opportunities would it present for the revolutionary Left?

James Dennis Hoff

February 3, 2020

What Explains Sanders’ Rise in the Polls?

Since late last year, Bernie Sanders has been steadily rising in the polls, closing the gap between him and frontrunner Joe Biden. Early polls for the Iowa and New Hampshire caucuses show Sanders in first place for the nomination. As the primary race officially kicks off this week, what does Sanders’ rise in the polls mean for his bid for the presidency?

Madeleine Freeman

February 3, 2020

It’s All A Game To Them

The recent NYT endorsement of Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar was rolled out like it was a reality show. The bourgeois media keeps revealing that they want to treat politics like it is a game.

Ezra Brain

January 22, 2020

Aggression Against Iran: The Problem Is Bigger Than Trump

#WWIII is no longer trending on Twitter. But all of the forces that brought the United States and Iran to the brink of open military conflict remain. They must be torn out at the root.

Tatum Regan

January 17, 2020