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Black Panther Party

This Black August, Support the National Prison Strike!

National Prison Strike starts August 21st and lasts until September 9th. Strikes and solidarity actions will take place in at least 17 states. Fight for Prison Workers’ Rights, Free All Political Prisoners!

Julia Wallace

August 21, 2018

Philadelphia’s ‘Progressive’ DA Keeps Mumia Behind Bars

In a decision made by a corrupt and deeply racist legal system, Mumia Abu-Jamal was falsely convicted in 1982 of shooting and killing a police officer. High hopes for the influence of District Attorney Larry Krasner have been disappointed, revealing the bankruptcy of placing “progressive” lawyers in positions of executive power as a tactic for change.

Francesca Gomes

May 17, 2018

Mumia Faces Health Struggles. Free Mumia!

Photo credits: Johanna Fernandez Since 1982, former Black Panther and radical radio journalist Mumia Abu Jamal has been held (mostly in solitary confinement) in the State of Pennsylvania. There exists a wide array of discourse on Mumia’s case in both literary and visual form(1). A recent article written for workers.org details a visit by Joe […]

Michael Gottlieb

March 13, 2018

Real Superheroes! Support Black Panther Political Prisoners

With all the excitement around the upcoming Black Panther film, we’d like to acknowledge the real Black Panthers.

Left Voice

February 8, 2018

Behind the scenes with the Black Panthers: An interview with photographer Stephen Shames

Left Voice speaks with Stephen Shames, a documentary photographer who spent years chronicling the Black Panthers at the height of their activities.

Stephen Shames

August 7, 2017