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Black Struggle

40,000 People Flood the Streets of Paris in Solidarity with George Floyd

In Paris, tens of thousands of people participated in a demonstration in solidarity with George Floyd. Taking up the same slogans as protesters in the United States, demonstrators defied restrictions on large gatherings to denounce police brutality at the hands of the French state. This show of global unity sends protesters in the U.S. a clear message: they are not alone.

Madeleine Freeman

June 5, 2020

Why People in Germany Are Protesting Against Racist Police Violence Too

After the murder of George Floyd, tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets in different German cities as well. This is not just about solidarity with demonstrations on the other side of the Atlantic. This is about racist police violence in Germany.

Liam Figueroa

June 5, 2020

Black Struggle is Class Struggle: Five Demands on Unions

In the ongoing uprising against racism and police brutality, unions can play a big role. But only if they are pushed to. Here are five proposals to bring labor into the Black struggle movement.

Ioan Georg

June 4, 2020

No Tacos For You! Workers at Condado Tacos Refuse to Serve Cops

In Columbus, Ohio, Condado Tacos employees refused to fill a huge order for the cops in the area. In a show of working class solidarity, employees staged a walkout. Retaliation from management has sparked public outrage.

Kimberly Ann

June 4, 2020

Conceived in Crisis, Uprisings Against Police Terror Rattle the Foundations of the U.S. State

On Wednesday, the mayor of Minnesota announced that Derek Chauvin --- the police officer that suffocated George Floyd --- will be charged with second degree murder, and that the other three cops who were accomplices of Chauvin will finally be arrested. This is an important victory for the movement; but these protests are unlike anything we have seen before and there is plenty of potential for continued unrest and resistance. 

James Dennis Hoff

June 3, 2020

“F**k Your Curfew!”: Protests Grow Despite Curfews Ordered Across the Country

Mayors in cities across the United States are implementing curfew in the latest maneuver to stop anti-police protests exploding in every state. This is nothing but a move to authorize the repression of protesters and the unbridled violence of the state.

Ezra Brain

June 3, 2020

Thousands of Protesters Are Trapped by Cops on the Manhattan Bridge

Developing story: Thousands of protesters are currently stuck on the Manhattan bridge. The police have blocked both sides of the bridge.

Maria Aurelio

June 2, 2020

Thank You, Rioters

Once again, Black America has surged to the front lines of the global struggle. The US had been an example of right-wing lunacy, political breakdown and murderous incompetence. Now it's the setting for a simultaneous, spontaneous offensive of the oppressed. We are republishing this view from socialists in Australia.

Daniel Taylor

June 2, 2020

Justice for George Floyd: An International Statement of Solidarity

The racist murder of George Floyd in the United States is generating an unprecedented wave of mobilizations throughout the country. In solidarity, we publish here the declaration of the Trotskyist Fraction–Fourth International in reaction to these events.